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Gamestart 2016:What to Expect

File photo: Gamestart 2015
In less than a week, Gamestart Asia 2016 will return for the 3rd year running. With the biggest number of exhibitors ever since here is what is to be expected over at Suntec Exhibition halls 405-406 . 

Elicia Lee opening speech with the media at Saint Games Cafe on Wednesday. 
Gamestart 2016 will have the most number of Exhibitors by far.

"Just a little comparison of how we have grown over the years, so in the first year we have 1 hall,we were like hmm.maybe this will work and we had such response, it was awesome.  Last year we went bigger we had 55 exhibitors, 17,000 visitors.  This year same hall,space but we have alot more exhibitors in,alot more interest from even exhibitors outside of Singapore who are interested to come here and be part of the scene here. So this year we have got more tournaments. we have games deom the indies, from the publishers so please do come down and try them all out." - Elicia Lee           
Mr Chris Goh from Xbox..
Gear of War 4 will be one of the game that will be showcased at Gamestart 2016. Do note that this game will be on Windows 10 PC for the 1st time. Other game like Forza Horizon 3 will be at the the Xbox booth as well. There is an undisclosed offer for the Xbox one console. POs for GoW4 and Forza Horizon will have some bonuses thrown in as well.

Mr Adeeb Islam presenting about Kinetiquettes

This year there will be a highly detailed Alyse 3.0 high end collectable at gamestart 2016
Kinetiquettes know for their high end limited  edition collectable figurine will be producing Gamestart Asia mascot Alyse for this year gamestart asia 2016.

Dr. Ng Kian Bee, Deputy Director NYP SIDM on GSC initiatives and plans for local game startups.   

Games Solution Center, an initiative by the Media Development Authority (MDA)[Note: when writing this article,they just became IMDA after merging with IDA] and managed by Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), is a one-stop resource centre that provides a rapid prototyping development environment for Singapore-based small-medium games enterprises to develop their games will be having a booth at gamestart.

Mr Chris Ng from XII Braves on thier flagship mobile game Valiant Force

XII Braves will be showcasing their upcoming flagship mobile game Valiant Force. With music backed by Hitoshi Sakimoto and top notch Seiyuus that behind highly popular anime like Shingeki no Kyojin and Love Live School Idol Festival[Note:He did mentioned the names but i am not too sure if I can reveal it anot, i will check with them and update if they allow.]

Gregory Ian  from Witching Hour studio.

Witching Hour Studio who have just launched their kick stater game masquerada  just yesterday
will be having a booth at gamestart 2016 as well.

  • Cosplay Guest and Judges 

  • Game on! Cosplay Runway

  • Lunarworks Studio @ Gamestart 2016 

  • Yuta Hanazawa-san, Executive Producer of Touken Ranbu

  • Trade in your old Consoles & Gadgets for Cash vouchers

  • Loot bag for the 1st 300 visitors each day 

  • 1st ever Secret Lab Chair Grand Prix 

  • Floor Plan

  • Merchandises, Exclusive Offers & Activites at the Commercial Booths & Founders base 

  • Armaggedon

  • No Average Joe

  • Xbox offer by TOG

  • SecretLab

  • Project EXT 

  • Hyperlixir

  • Kinetiquettes

  • Lion Geeks 

  • SEA Major Presented by PS4 

  • Doujin Market - Doujima @ Gamestart Merchandises

  • Daiyaku

  • DCWJ

  • Jrpencil

  • Ice*Berry

  • Sticky's Art

  • Don't Shy

  • Maggi-Cup (Minoru ミノル - JoeLing)

  • Twin Rabbit Design

  • Guild of Bonds 

  • KyuroKuso & Whiteblue 

  • Chizza

  • Chuinny

  • Circus-usagi 

  • Daydreamer

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