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STGCC 2016 :Media preview

Local and Overseas Guest with The Assistant Project Director. 

Within few hours left on the countdown clock, the much awaited STGCC 2016 will be opening it's doors to the public for the 9th edition. On thursday (08/08/2016), as of every installation STGCC the media were invited for a quick preview of what is to be expected at the event itself.

The Assistant Project Director-Lin Koh
"I remembered Last year, same time(sic) when I met all of you, I said that it was a record-breaking year for us & I am very very pleased to say that this year, it's any record breaking year for us again !" said Lin. This year the numbers stand at the following:
  • 43 Pop Culture Icons
  • 263 Companies attendance
  • 193 STGCC 2016 Exclusives.
  • Expected crowd of 4,5000 (for 2 days)

Local Artistes who share about the local creative scene and what inspires them,
 Rachta Lin, Daniel Yu, Andy from Andimoo Studios, Xuan Ming from Xmashed Gear has a      discussion of the challenges face during the start up and local scene. They also offer advice for
 young local talents looking to venture into the creative scene locally.

Overseas guest had a short panel discussion about the importance of pop culture in the society
Emma Rios, Hwei LimNick Spencer and Jon-Paul Kaiser touches on the importance of pop culture in the society and how has the "main-steaming" of pop-culture through medium such as movies affects it. 

Jon-Paul Kaiser trying out Mooncake a Local Festival Snack for the upcoming Lantern Festival

Then came the light-hearted breather when the overseas guest with the exception of Hwei Lin as she is a Malaysian, where they were treated with local favourites such as Chicken Rice,Salted egg C
roissant, Mooncake and Egg tarts. Luckily the guest not only seems to have no issues after tasting them, they seem to like some a lot, which is good news they can be enjoying the many local food during their stay here! After all,it's Singapore!

Some of the exclusives showcased.
 The media were also treated to a Sneek peak of some of the exclusives of STGCC 2016. For more of the action do check out the video recording of the press conference(The food tasting part at the end is a highly recommended watch!) and more photos in the gallery below:


Start to 0:59-Intro 
1:00 to 3:04-Open speech by Asst. Project Director Lin Koh
2:00 to 17:45-Event Overview
17:46 to 29:44-Local Artistes Panel
29:44 to 47:24-Overseas Guest Panel
47:25 to End- Overseas guest Local Food Tasting Session

A video posted by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

A video posted by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on