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Charaexpo 2016:The captured memories

Kazuchika Okada(NJPW Wrestler), Kenji Shinoda(Japan’s Ambassador to Singapore) ,Suzuko Mimori(Singer/Voice actress) during C3 Chara Expo 2016 Opening Ceremony,along with the Charaexpo committee and organizers.

After an successful inaugural year last year, Charaexpo returns to Singapore Expo on the weekends of 9th and 10th July 2016. With a Strong lineup of guest, it attracted scores of Japanese-pop Culture enthusiasts to the event ground. 

  • Opening ceremony and SJ 50

       Kazuchika Okada(NJPW Wrestler), Kenji Shinoda(Japan’s Ambassador to Singapore),Suzuko Mimori(Singer/Voice actress) holding the SJ50 plaque.

C3 Charaexpo this year coincide with the SJ50 milestone. It's one of the many events that celebrate the Diplomatic Relations ties between Singapore and Japan for the past 50 years. 

Fans Flocked to the Bushiroad booth to get their Merchandise as soon as the doors opened on Saturday. 

  • Exhibitors and Booths 
Love Live! Sunshine standees 

Bandai Namco's [email protected] booth.

TBS Television booth.

Aniplex booth.  

Besides Bushiroad's core focus on their card games series, there are several major names exhibitors each with their own strong following.

  • Cosplay 

Sabbie who came in 2nd  for the Cos-stage Competition.


 Ichigo Hoshimiya|CN: akihoshigen 

Cosplayers were also aplenty in the event ground. The Cos☆Stage Competition this year was won by Lawliet, while Sabbie clinched 2nd and  MasaHiiro Pei was 3rd. This year cosplay guests were Yingtze and Angie, there were also the Judges for  Cos☆Stage along with Nakane Monya of Starmarie.

  • New Japan Pro Wrestling

NJPW match

Last but certainly not the least and unique to Charaexpo are the New Japan Pro-Wrestling matches.
Judging by the crowd it draws, its certainly one of the main draw for the event.  Should you feel that you can't get enough of the action there will be a WRESTLING WORLD 2016 tour on the 15th of November 2016 at the MBS

Head down below for more memories captured and tweets of the entertainment stage from Charaexpo official twitter  or the guest official twitter (as no photography was allowed at the entertainment stage except from the guest themselves or official photographers)