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Nexus 6P:The Mini Review, My 1st phablet & I am loving it

Whenever there is a new Nexus phone launch the android camp is always hype up with activites, while google have expriments the Nexus branding from having more focus to being afforable without compromisng to much on specs to having more focus top of the line specs. This time round Google trial a new approch, by having not 1 but 2 devices at launch. The Nexus 5X which is made by LG and the Nexus 6P which is another first here, is made by Huawei. The 5X is trageted for the more budget conscious, The Nexus 6P offers top of the line specs for users who demands more out of thier devices. In this article we will be looking a the premium device, which google say is represented by the letter P.

Specs at a glance 

  • CPU-Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 (Quad-core 1.55 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A57)

  • GPU-Adreno 430 

  • Memory-32/64/128 GB [*Retail Sets in Singapore does NOT include the 32GB]

  • RAM-3 GB 

  • Battery-3450 mAh (in-built) 

  • Camera-Rear: 12 MP, laser autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash| Front: 8 MP

  • Screen-5.7 inches AMOLED, 1440 x 2560 pixels (~518 ppi pixel density) ,Gorilla Glass 4.

  • OS-Android, v6.0 (Marshmallow)

  • As of all Nexus at launch the Nexus 6P cime with the latest Andriod installed and its a pure as it can get without the many bloatware or bells and whistles UI that many manfacturer adds on to thier devices. This
    paired with top of the line specs,the OS feels snappy even with several apps running in the background. 

    3Dmark icestorm

    3Dmark Slingshot

    By now benchmarks score would have flooded the review sites and forums, so i will just leave mine here for reference. Mobile gaming on a daily basis was a lag free affair.

    The battery life from my usage

    I am quite attached to my phone, clocking almost 4 hours of active screen on time on my device at Max brightness of the screen, in all the phone manages almost 12 hours of usage
    i would say that while its not amazing, the overall performance is very decent.

    The Supplied adapter is capable of delivering 5V@3A which is 15W.  Amphere app reported 2.55A max.

    It took around 2 hours for the phone to be fully charged up from a flat battrey

    The supplied charger is able to supply up to 5V 3A, while a app based amp meter reported a maxium current of 2.55A. 

    Theortically at 3A or 3000 mA the phone should go from a flat to full charged in 1.15 hours(Using 3450/3000 & assuming 100% efficency.) However one have to consider the fact that there is always: 
    • The real world effiency lost 
    • The several elements which uses the battery as it charges up though its minimal.
    • The occasional usage of phone while charging   
    • The controller which trottles the charge rate to keep the health of the battery in the long run.
    • The same controller trottling the charge rate to keep battery from overheating. 

    Charging the phone with the supplied C to C cable and adapter took around 2 hours(Do note that i flat out the battery till the phone shut off, plug in the cable and it took about a minute before i was able to power on for a screen shot and it was shown to have 3%.)

                                     Colors are vibrant on the 5.7 inches AMOLED but not oversaturated

    Screen still look brilliant in outdoors

    With QHD Resolution Text look sharp on screen. 

    Viewing angle is more than sufficent 

    The Screen on the Nexus 6P is amzing, being AMOLED the colors are vibrant but it ain't oversaturated. Screen manages well under sunlight and the viewing angle is more than sufficent.
    Color reproduction IMO is a wee bit warmer on my set but i am comparing it with my U2412M, so you could say that i am nitpicking here. I would still say the color on my Nexus6P is accurate overall.
    Nexus 6P is my very first phone with QHD resolution, while i would say for mobile devices QHD is more of a "Want" then a "Need", one would certainly appreciate the extra sharpness of the text when reading articles or forums. 

       Shot with #huaweinexus6P
    My Keycaps shot with #huaweinexus6P
    Old hill street police station which now  houses the MICA. Taken with #huaweinexus6P
    Shot taken with the Nexus 6P camera. 

    If you have been following my blog, you would have known that the high DXOmobile Score reported was the most enticing thing for me on the Nexus 6P, having own a set now and taking picture with it myself, i would say that it never dissapiont me at all. Low light performace is pretty impressive for a mobile phone. Auto Focus aided by the laser is really quick.  There is enough details and sharpness. You may find the image gallery after the break for high res images that are taken using the phone. Below it is a 4K video taken with the phone as well.

    In conculsion, I am certainly loving this 1st ever Phablet of mine, Will I reccomand to get this phone ? That's definitely a yes.  Tempted? Wait no more Visit to get your
    phone now 64GB is retailing at $949 and 128GB is retailing at $1049, Both come with a free jelly case and in-ear earphones. Stocks are very limited the phones fell short of supply during the pre-order period!