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Secret Lab Throne Micro Review

The Secret Lab Throne is a Local product. Retailing for SGD$349 for the Spectra White, Hot Pink and Aqua blue colors and Aftershock Red SGD$369.Here is a mirco review of the product.

With one look it's clear that the chair is modelled after Bucket Seats. It's not only for the looks, the chair modelled in such a away also provides egronomics to its user. The material of the chair is PU leather or more commonly known as "Fake" leather. As perviously mentioned there are currently a total of 4 Colors to choose from: Spectra White, Hot Pink,Aqua Blue & Aftershock Red.

My Chair was deliverd to me about 3-4 days ago after a one month waitng time. My chair is actually part of a MO, My guild Ordered a total of 57 Chairs from Secret Lab which bring me to the point that if your are able to do a Mass Order you might be able to get a discount from them. At the time of posting if you do visit thier website, you will see that all the chairs are out of stock and you will have to place an order with them, i am not sure about the lead time now.

Overall after a few days of usage i am very stastifed with the build quality and the comfort it provides. Of course as with basic office chairs the height of the chair is adjustable. The Secret Lab's Throne armrest is able to tilt to several angles, the height of the arm rest itself is also adjustable. My fave function of the chair is that the back is able to be tilted, espcially useful if you are watching a video on your computer. I got friends whom ask that if a small built person like myself would be suited for such a chiar, it does fit well and i am only 1.58m. The head rest postion is just nice for me.

I have yet find anything i dislike about this chiar yet. But i would like to point out that 2 of my friends had the buckle straps for the bottom support broken upon arrival. But it was quickly resloved by the next day with the replacement straps sent right to thier doorstep.

At SGD $349-$369 its really a good buy, considering the fact that its competing brand DXracer lowest tier cost USD$299.

Below is the Micro Review video: