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JMF 2015-LiSA Live is Smile Always (Singapore):The Report

LiSA Arriving at Terminal 1 on Friday.

Returning for the 5th time to Singapore, LiSA was here for her 1st ever Solo concert. It was her Final leg of her Live is Smile always Asian tour which included places like Hong Kong,Shanghai and Taipei.

LiSA Arriving at Terminal 1 on Friday.

Photo Credits:AFA Facebook page

On the 17th of July, LiSA touched down safely on flight JL37 at about 1705 hours (SGT) at Singapore Changi Airport T1. Her Flight info was released officially as they were fliming her arrival for the documentation of her tour. Flocks of fan crowded the exits of Belt 22 to welcome her.  Watch the video of her Arrival below:

Photo Credits:SOZO press release             

The very next day on the 18th of July 2015, LiSA performed at the Resort World Sentosa's Resort World Theater, Many of her fans started queeing early in the morning to get the merchandises, by the time i arrived in the late afternoon, many of the merchandise were already long gone. Below is the pre-concert footage at the event venue:


   Photo Credits:SOZO press release

LiSA took the stage at about 1900 hours starting with  コズミックジェットコースター [Cosmic jet coaster] During her performance, LiSA Sung many of her popular Anime hits like Crossing Field
Thousand Enemies,一番の宝物 [Ichiban no Takaramono] Little Braver,oath sign.

Photo Credits:SOZO press release

She also did several covers.About midway into her concert she asked if the audience liked Japanese songs. When the audience replied yes. LiSA said " I am going to bring you a very famous idol song." and Heavy Rotation rung out from the speakers. Followed by Flying Get, Koisuru Fortune Cookie. The audiance and her joke about "LiSA 48" after the performance.

Photo Credits:SOZO press release

Soon LiSA Said that She is singing her last song BRiGHT FLiGHT. After that Song LiSA left the stage. The Audiance from the Non VIP section started Chanting "anko-ru"  but was quickly silenced by those at the front. There was a planned suprise for LiSA by her Singaporean fan club. Before the concert started all people in the VIP section was given the lyrics for Itsuka no Tegami. Taking The lead those from the Fan club started Singing the song, Soon the rest of the audiance joined in.

Photo Credits:SOZO press release

LiSA than took the stage once again. But the audiance were in turn suprised by her when she started singing. I guessed no one expected her to sing this song. The song she sung was not her song and not a japanese song cover, instead the lyrics : "This is home, truly. Where i know is must be ~" were heard. LiSA Actually sung a National Day Parade song Home for her Singaporean audiance. The audiance evenutally joined in after we were stunned like a vegetable for a second or two. Later she
Twitted this:

Here is the full setlist:

 コズミックジェットコースター [Cosmic jet coaster]
Crossing Field
Thousand Enemies
oath sign
蜜 [Mitsu]
一番の宝物 [Ichiban no Takaramono]
Little Braver
Heavy Rotation, Flying Get, Koisuru Fortune Cookie (cover)
君にピエロ [Kimi Ni Piero]
Yuukei Yesterday (Mekaku City Actors)
Rally Go Round
Confidence driver
Rising Hope
エレクトリリカル [Elect Lyrical]
シルシ [Shirushi]

Home (cover)
いすかの手紙 [Itsuka no Tegami]
Crow Song

LiSA Visited the Sony store a day after her concert: