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Funan Animie Matsuri: The report

Guest cosplayers on Stage on Saturday.

Funan Anime Matsuri have happening over the past week at Funan Digitalife mall.  While the week long event feature several workshops, anime screenings,
card game competiton and several Merchandise and Doujin booths, the main events happned over the weekends. 

Angie's Sewing workshop

Neneko's Makeup workshop

Shimo's Makeup workshop

ARC Photography's workshop

Be it that you are a Coser, an Illustrator or a Photographer, the several workshop held on stage had catered to the specific crowd and thier field. I didn't know that thoese colored plastic bags could be such a great (and FREE!) alternative to color gels. 

Shimo during Meet and Greet Autograph session

                                            Yingtze during Meet and Greet Autograph session

                                                 Angie during Meet and Greet Autograph session

Fans of the Guest Cosplayers were delighted that they could be up close with thier fave Cosplayer and getting thier merchandise autographed. Queues were snaking from the AFA Shop where the merchandises were being sold.

Cosplay Contestant on Saturday as Saber

Cosplay Contestant on Sunday as Kaneki

On both days over the weekends several Cosplayers were Hand picked by the Guest cosplayers on the ground took part in the Cosplay Competiton. Each day 3 of them eventually walked away with prizes sponsered by Capitaland mall.

    Usagi on stage

Usagi was the winner of Asia-Anisong singer Audition (AAA) at Anime Festival Asia(AFA) last year. Currently under the grooming of a Japanese label, she and several of her friends took on the stage on Saturday and performed several cover of hit songs.

Last but certainly not the least, bless 4 was the guest for artist feature this year. For both days the stage area Funan atrium was packed to its capacity with fans overflowing to the 2nd and 3rd levels of the mall to catch bless 4 rocking the stage.

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