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AFA Singapore 2014 What to expect,The round up! Mechandise updates!

We are less than a month away from Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014. Alot of annocement have been made since then, Here is a compilation of what you can expect from the event so you could stay ahead of the game and plan your attack plan wisely!

Do note that this is a Developing article so do come check back for updates! [Quick Tip: Try Ctrl+F= to find the things you looking for quickly especially for the booth merchandise, Refer to the floorplan for the booth no and search by that! I will try to update as much information i know.... but it won't be exhaustive(meaning its not everything) that is on sale ]

1-AFA Featured Cosplayers: 
A Total of 18 International cosplayers featured on the list:




                                  Picture Credit: Kazumi Noomi's Facebook page

                           Judy(Taiwanese)-Presented by ANIPLUS HD 

2-I  Love Anisong Concert: 
As of always, I love Anisong Concert is one of the main attraction of AFA. This year, its has gotten even Bigger! Check out the list:
[Disclaimer: Artistes pictures are provided by Sozo, I love anisong pictures are from AFA Facebook page, ,PV/MV are sourced from Youtube. All Rights belongs to thier respective owners. does not own or hold any rights in the contents below]   

Eir Aoi


DJ Kazu



Yui Horie

Root Five

The Idolm@ster(Selected members)

Eri Kitamura


I Love anisiong-Artist Schedule

3-Stage Events:
This Year there are many featured anime, a whole lot Special guest appearances & endless stage events, check out what is installed for us:
[Disclaimer: Pictures of anime and Artistes are sourced from AFA website ,PV/Trailers are sourced from Youtube. All Rights belongs to thier respective owners. does not own or hold any rights in the contents below]   

3.1-Featured Animes



Knights of Sidonia

Missing Kings


                                                    Psycho Pass 2




Fate Stay Night:Unlimited Blade Worksfsn

No Game No Life

Fafner Exodus

3.2 Special Guest Appearances/Guest Host & Moderator

Ayaka ohashi

Asami Imai

3.3-Special Stage Events:Screenings/Features/Showcases/Announcements

                  Lantis Festival Singapore 2015 Special Announcment 
                                          & Secret Guest Appearance 

4-Nico Nico Douga x AFA- 
1st ever KUNIKAIGI festival outside of Japan:

This Year, there is something here for the first time, its also the 1st ever Kunikaigi event outside of Japan: 

Event Highlights
  • Song: Karaoke to anime songs!
  • Dance: Let’s dance to anime songs together! Let’s do ‘otagei’!
  • Anime: Experience a scene from famous anime?!
  • DJ: Enjoy anisong and VOCALOID mixes by the DJ!
  • Cosplay: Show your cosplay on stage!
  • Games: Face off with Japan’s Niconico users!

Appearances by:

  • ROOT FIVE- Comprising 5 members who rank among some of the top content makers in Niconico’s “Me Singing” category, ROOT FIVE is a group that has bridged the divide between the virtual and real worlds. The group has managed to break the top 10 Oricon Weekly rankings, and will sing anime FAIRY TAIL’s ending theme song, their second after the theme song for Saint Seiya Omega.

  • DJ CAESAR from TOKYO AKIHABARA- A DJ who cosplays while performing, DJ CAESAR is known for his fresh innovative mixes which incorporate anisong and vocaloid tracks. Popular with his youthful audience, DJ CAESAR also performed at the Japan Expo in France, which gathered over 260 thousand attendees. Being the only anisong DJ to break the 13 thousand mark for twitter followers, DJ CAESAR is an influencer whose name is known throughout the fandom.

  • Yuyoyuppe a.k.a. DJTEKINA//SOMETHING- Yuyoyuppe made his major debut with YAMAHA MUSIC COMMUNICATIONS. Currently the only overall sound producer for break-out idol group BABYMETAL, he has dabbled in many different fields, including being a DJ, collaborations with voice actor, being a vocalist in a hardcore emo band and making songs for idol groups, garnering him respect from all levels in the industry. 

  • ARSMAGNA-As part of cosplay group Chronos Senior High School, ARSMAGNA is a 2.5D cosplay dance group. Made up of first to third year students from Chronos Senior High Schooland a plushie, the group is known as “5 guys and a plushie”.

  • .PCF-Having played on the biggest stage meant for 14,000 in France’s Japan Expo, .PCF is a party rock group that has propelled themselves to world stardom through their uploads on the Internet. With a myriad of talents in the group, .PCF has managed to showcase many different genres of entertainment, including dancing and DJing. The group has ventured overseas, including countries such as France and Taiwan.

5-Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) Finals

 The Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) Committee will
conduct auditions at South East Asia’s largest Japanese popular culture event,Anime Festival Asia2014 (AFA2014), to discover the next breakout Anisong-singer.

The Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) will conduct a preliminary round of screening, following which two rounds of auditions will be held in Singapore. The grand prize winner will be decided through the final audition at AFA2014’s main stage on 7th December 2014.

The winner will secure a performing contract with a Japanese record label as one of their anisong-singers, and will perform globally, while primarily being based in Japan and Singapore.

6-Expreience Zones(Akiba Town & Creators Hub)

6.1 Akiba Town Exhibitors,Sponsors:Merchandise & Exclusive

A69 AFA Shop(Official Event Goods and Merchandise)

A56 Culture Japan(Danny Choo)

A18 Idolm@ster

A90 Volks
A24 Aniplex Booth

A21 Bushiroad

A28 Good Smile Company

A36 Starchild

A102 Lantis

A52 Brother

A74 Banpresto

A95 TT Wixoss

A168 Odex

A132 Muse

A12 Cherry Credits

A118 CDS

A183 Cotton Candy

A83 Toy coin

A35 Kurocha

A158 La Tendo
[Developing. Check back for Merchandise updates!]
A110 Otakutachi
[Developing. Check back for Merchandise updates!]

A34 Exit tunes
[Developing. Check back for Merchandise updates!]

6.2 Creators Hub Exhibitors:Merchandise,Exclusive & Doujin Goods


C07 Ice*Berry

C08 Castanet Doujin

C29 Red Ribbon Revenger

C10 Wolf Den Doujin Circle

[Developing. Check back for Merchandise updates!]

7-Ticketing, Event Schedule & Floor Plan

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