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STGCC 2014: The Report.

Over the weekend Sands Expo & Convention Center at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore was the coolest place to be as Singapore Toy and Comic Convention 2014 (STGCC 14) was being held there. Be it that you are into Eastern Pop culture or Western Pop Culture, STGCC had them for you right at the event venue.

STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 3 0005
Fans taking pictures with Alex Solis during the Walk of fame session.
STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 3 0006  
Fans having thier pictures taken with Aliga during the Walk of fame session.
STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 3 0003
Sekure D or Matt Fabris autographing for a fan of his during the walk of fame session

Getting upclose and personal with the invited guests. Be it that you would like a selfie/photo with the invited guest or that you wanted an autograph, the walk of fame sessions lets you have that very opportunity to interect with the guest.
    STGCC2014_Day  2_Batch 2 0013   What a big group of cosplayers from several series! Can you spot Lenneth in the picture?  
STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 3 0049
DJ Inu was luking in public section of the dance floor area after his performance during the DJ night.

I guess the pictures have spoken for themselves here, Guests do roam about the convention during thier free time and would gladly accept the request to take pictures with them as long as thier schedule allows them to do so.

STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 1 0002
                                                 D.watt from iosys during an interview session.

Do check out my interview session with iosys D.watt below, find out which touhou character he likes the most and which animal he wanted to see at the Jurong Bird Park! Also he talks about his past experiences performing at events.

STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 1 0017
Xmashed gear booth was among one of the most popular with thier unique fan-art of pop culture and game characters printed on the T-shirts.
STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 1 0018
Booths like this one with Anime-related Merchandise were also aplenty at the artist alley.
STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 1 0021
Local Flavours were present too such as Eva Comics. 
STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 1 0024
Of Course Daiyaku which have now the ironic the Lan.......i mean Aitori on sale along with Kancolle merchandise. 

The Artist Alley which saw the booths being snapped up 3 months before the event offers a wide range of merchandise for the con-goers. Be it that you prefer Manga or Comics there is always something for you. As for the local offerings the usual gang are there: Daiyaku, CDS & Eva comics just to name a few. 

STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 3 0020
DJ inu was spinning up some really awesome Anisong tracks on stage with VJ Katsumaki stunning visuals.
STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 3 0042
Nyan cat! Sasakure. UK was spinning familar vocaloid tunes on stage.
STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 3 0057
Last but Certianly not the least was a  representive IOSYS, D.watt! Touhou fans was Delighted when STGCC annouced that he will be in the house!  

One of the thing that i look forward every year has to be STGCC DJ night.
This year, form Anisong to Vocaloid songs to Touhou songs STGCC DJ night have it all covered! At one time there were so much Hype going on at the dance floor the whole ground was shaking! You may relive some of thoese in a video snippet of the DJ night below.

STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 1 0031
Black Bullet Team
STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 2 0007
Marisa~! Da Ze! No Master Sparks in the convention hall please :P
STGCC2014_Day  2_Batch 2 0023
or do you prefer some oni? 
STGCC2014_Day  2_Batch 1 0023
Aliga as Kotori (Cheer leader Version)
STGCC2014_Day 1_Batch 1 0036
Gnar-The missing link
STGCC2014_Day  2_Batch 1 0016
Friendship is magic.
STGCC2014_Day  2_Batch 2 0022

I am groot
 STGCC2014_Day  2_Batch 4 0014

Lord Vader On stage.
STGCC2014_Day  2_Batch 4 0034
OMG its Iron Giant!

Cosplay on-stage and off. Be it its cosplay from Comics, Anime or Games. Chracters from your favourite are being brought to live! The Cosplay runway this year saw 50 over cosplayers graced the stage as a finale of STGCC 2014.

With that is shall leave you with the pictures of the event and the earlier promised videos.Feel free to checkout what others have covered as well :

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I would take this opportunity like to thank reeds pop exhibition and ninemer for having me a an media entity this year again. The concept of having the media village is really useful for us logistically. I am looking forward to STGCC 2015.      



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