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Kadokawa Animation School Goes Internetional & Singapore is one of the first 2 countries!

I belive Kadokawa needs no introduction. But according to an Article on Crunchyroll Kadokawa Animation school is expanding interationally.

Kadokawa Contents Academy will be setup in Asia. Starting with Singapore & Taiwan by end of this year, it will later expand to include Thailand, Hong Kong, & Malaysia in 2016. This is part of the long running Cool Japan Initiative by the Japanese Goverment.

A total of  five courses are offered: Animator, Manga Artist, Light Novel Writer, Voice Actor/Actress & Character Designer. The Lecturers of these courses would be sent from Japan. A total of 30,000 graduates would be expected in the timespan of 10 years,according to Tsuguhiko Kadokawa the chairman of Kadokawa.

There is a CM that is produce for Taiwan by AllSunday after the Jump.


This post is base on information from this crunchyroll article.