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EOY:2013 The report.

NND Dancer Wata during a Media Exculsive Photoshoot session
The sun was baking whatever that was below it yesterday at a marina barrage during EOY 2013. But nevertheless crowd still flooded the event venue in full force:

Crowd flocking the Booth area.

There were also Several Major Sponsers for the event such as Frank by OCBC, Brigitte / Plus One Asia, Bunka and the Main sponser wacom which have a booth featuring its latest product.

A tablet that runs full windows 8 to give you the ablility to capture your creativity on the go. Powered by a i7 processor.(There is also a Tegra 4;android tablet hybrid version that can act as your second screen,with wacom's 2048 points of pressure sensivity stylus.) Full specs here   

The Cintiq Companion Creative Tablet. 

With that i shall let the pictures do the talking so head over to the image gallery below!

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