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AFA13-All U need 2 know,well...almost...

Its approaching fast! In a few days we would be swarming over to Suntec Exibition Halls for  Anime festival Asia 2013.   If you have been under your shell or something here is the post that will prepare you for this weekend ahead. For your convience i have tried to summarised everything here. Do follow my twitter @speedknight for live tweets coming in on friday afternoon during the media preview~!

1-I love Anisong Concert Artist Lineup:

1-1:Artist lineup
  • Friday, 8th Nov 2013: 

    1. Egoist
    2. Hachioji-P 
    3. livetune
    4. motsu X DJ KAYA(*Video used is M.O.V.E which have been disbanded)
    5. Valerie (Video used is from SEA*A, which have been disbanded, she now a solo artiste)

    • Saturday, 9th Nov 2013

    1. Eir Aoi,
    2. LiSA 
    3. May’n
    4. Milky Holmes
    • Sunday, 10th Nov 2013, (VALRAVE the Liberator NIGHT):

      1. Angela
      2. T.M.Revolution 
      3. T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki
      4. Elisa

      1-2:Autograph Balloting Results & collection timings (sourced from AFA Facebook page):

      • Friday Winners:

      • Saturday winners:

      • Sunday winners:

      2-Host /Guest Host/Guest moderator:

      • 2-1:Host,Guest Host and Guest moderator

      1. Danny Choo(Host)
      2. Ferlyn Yoshimi(Guest Host)
      3. Reiko(Guest Host)
      4. Hisanori Yoshida(Guest moderator)

      3-Special Guest/Seiyuu Apperances:
      • 3-1:Psycho Pass Exprience Zone:

      1. Gen Urobuchi-Scenario writer working for Nitroplus
      2. Koji Yamamoto-Chief  Producer for Psycho-pass
      3. Naoyoshi Shiotani-Director for Psycho-pass

    • 3-2:Sword Art Online Exprience Zone:
      1. Tomohiko Ito-Director of Sword Art Online;A-1 Pictures
      2. Shinichiro Kashiwada-Producer, Sword Art Online
      • 3-3:Shingeki no Kyojin Exprience Zone:
      1. Tetsuro Araki-Director,Shingeki no Kyojin
      2. Kyoji Asano-Character Designer, Shingeki no Kyojin
      3. George Wada-Producer, Shingeki no Kyojin
      4. Tetsuya Nakatake-Producer, Shingeki no Kyojin
      5. Yui Ishikawa-Seiyuu(Misaka Ackermann), Shingeki no Kyojin
      • 3-4:Love Exprience Zone:
      1. Emi Nitta-Seiyuu(Honoka),μ's from Love Live!
      2. Suzuko Mimori-Seiyuu(Umi),μ's from Love Live!
      3. Sora Tokui-Seiyuu(Nico),μ's from Love Live!

          • 3-5:Valvrave Exprience Zone:

          1. Ryohei Kimura-Seiyuu(L-elf)Valvrave the Liberator 
          2. Ryouta Ousaka(Haruto Tokishima),Valvrave the Liberator
          4-Special Guest Apperance :
          • 4-1:Guest Apperance 
          1. Baby Metal
          2. Itowokashi

          5-Stage Showcase:
          • 5-1:Prizmmy Showcase
          1. Prizmmy☆
          6-Space Dandy Special Segment by Animax:

          • 6-1:Space Dandy Special

          1. Space Dandy 
          7-Cosplayers Apperances:

          • 7-1.Cosplayers invited
          1. KANAME☆
          2. Clive
          3. Angie
          4. Ying Tze
          5. Natumi
          6.  Hana & Baozi
          7. Onnies
          8. Reika
          9. Richfield

          8-AFA cafe:

          9-Some of Exibitors & Merchandises:

          9-1.Sony Music(A81):



          9-4.Cherry Credits(A04)





          9-9.Tamashii Nations(A29) & Bandai(A27)

          9-10.Culture Japan


          9-12:Rapid Culture

          • Friday 12PM Kuji ,Tickets @ $13 Each(Max:4 tickets)

        • Friday 2PM Kuji ,Tickets @ $13 Each(Max:4 tickets)

            • Saturday 12PM Kuji ,Tickets @ $13 Each(Max:4 tickets)

            • Other merchandise:

              10-Some of the Creators Hub merchandise(Doujin/Fanart):

              *Eh this picture i kope from CDS fanpage de


              10-2:CDS+Saito Artwork(C15,C16):


              10-4:Anime Decals(C23)

              10-5:Dream Walker(C28)

              11-Event ground layout:

              12-Main Stage Event Schdule:

              13-Mini Stage Event Schedule:

              Click here for AFA ticketing Details!

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