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48th National Day special:Merlion in Japanese Subculture/Culture.

So today marks the 48th year of national building in Singapore. Let's mark this day in a rather unqiue way here,let take a look at the subculture and the Japanese persepective of Singapore. Merlion,Merlion Everywhere,for some reason the Japanese seem to be with the Singapore mascot, here is a complation of Merlion Refences:

Setokai no ichion(as seen above):

                                                *Image from at SGcafe post

Cowboy bebop:
*Image from at SGcafe post

Hidamari Sketch:

[C]: Control - The Money of Soul and Possibility:


Other Noteable mentions(Source:Wikipedia):
  • The Merlion was used in an exclamation by Kyoto Toshino in episode 8 of "YuruYuri" in response to seeing Chizuru Ikeda drooling.
  • The Merlion featured heavily in Hajime Satō's (佐藤 肇, Satō Hajime) reimagining of Shinjuku in the 2005 anime, Karas.
  • In Phineas and Ferb's "Summer belongs to you!", The Merlion was seen when the gang was bouncing around the world in a large rubber ball.
GU ad with kyary(this is the Singapore merlion edtion):

Old but gold...All Nippon Airline ad:

Special Bonus(Epic rendention of Luka singing the National Anthem of Singapore):