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Funan Anime Matsuri 2013-The Report.

Kaname,Clive,Yang Tze,Angie,Mayu...erm i mean Natumi were the invited guest for the event, they were the judges for the Single Cosplay Competiton on Saturday too.

Over the weekend,Funan Anime Matsuri ended with a bang(as well as the unbearable screams from fangirls & boys...). While the invited guest draws the crowd to the event ground there were loads of activity on going on there as well. 

Fancy Kaname playing Card fight Vanguard with Kanme? This lucky guy here did and he did put up a great fight.
Kaname did win the competition,but well still, i think that playing agianst
Kaname himself it already a prize on its on already,don't you agree?.

As awesome as this this Claymore Cosplay was, it impress the judges too and eventually walk away with the top prize.

The 10 finalist for the competitons were picked by the judges during the event by scouting the event goes in cosplay.While only 3 walk away with prizes the judges were impressed by the level of cosplay overall at the event.


 This was what happened when Kaname helped the claymore cos-er down the stage(He really did that on his own to entertian the crowd!)

Fans are delighted to have a photo session with thier cosplay guest

For each session 20 luck fans will pick to have a close-up interaction with thier fave cosplay guest. 

Both days ended up with DJ Toumu mixing songs on his turntable setup inculding some reknown anisongs!

You may check out some of his anisongs mix here!! 

Kid-chan showcase on Day 2.

More pictures are in the gallery after the break.


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