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Neneko and Momo in Singapore

Just over the weekend,Neneko and Momo was in town for thier guest apperance at Fuwa Fuwa Run's Debut Event. was there to cover the event itself and was given the honour in covering thier entourage in the city's too.

More about the event:

Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Café debuts with a pledge to ‘Cosplay for a Cause’ in a bid to raise awareness for Meido Cosplayers in Singapore and raise funds for Singapore Children’s Society’s corporate fund raising programme – 1000 Enterprises for Children-in-Need.

Unlike other brick and mortar café concept, a team of specially trained Meidos will be wowing the crowd with their diverse and engaging personalities while serving tasty main courses and desserts. The launch will be held on the April the 20th at No. 180 Albert Court Village Hotel, Unit #01-19C, Casie & Mum’s, from 12 noon to 8pm in the evening.

“It’s an absolute honor to participate in Fuwa Fuwa Run debut event on behalf of
Taiwan as part of the International Cosplay Exchange (Asia) Preview. I was very
impressed with the passion by cosplayers in Singapore when I visited as a Parade
Ambassador for COSMO 2012 and hope that everyone will join me and Momo in
this Charity drive.” said Neneko, one half of the Taiwan Celebrity Cosplay Duo.

“We live in a fast paced society. People often forget to spend time contributing to a cause and as avid cosplayer, this is how we can play our part. It will be great to finally meet our Singapore fans too.” said Momo, who will be supporting Fuwa Fuwa Run debut event with Neneko.

“We aim to bring a unique Maid Café concept to Meido fans in Singapore,” said
Ms Fiona Wong, Head Maid of Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Café. “But it’s not just about providing great service and good food. The team also wishes to take the opportunity to raise funds for needy children in Singapore.”

Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Café is managed by Mascot Parade Limited -the organiser of COSMO Youth Parade and Republic Polytechnic’s Japanese Culture and Interest Group. The debut event is part of SHINE Youth Festival and is powered by National Youth Council and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

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