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Scandal live in Singapore 2013 Concert-Relive the moments!

    Scandal performing to the packed crowd at *Scape Warehouse on the 16th & 17th of march for thier 3rd live concert in singapore 

A total of 1500 attended the concerts which was being held at the *Scape warehouse last weekend. 
Scandal performed several of their hit song which included Satisfaction, the song being use as the parkour commercial of windows 8. 

The following setlist is being enjoyed by 800 attendees on last Saturday's concert:


  1. Harukaze
  2. Shunkan Sentimantal
  3. Shojo S
  4. Rock'n Roll
  5. Queens are trumps
  6. DOLL
  7. Pride
  8. Kagerou
  9. Want you
  10. Space Ranger
  11. Taiyo Scandalous
  14. Taiyo to kimi ga Egaku STORY
  15. Satisfaction (Encore 1)
  16. SCANDAL BABY (Encore 2)

    Enjoy more Press pictures and Videos of the concert after the break! Also do check out The airport arrival,Encore Show Autograph session and Pre-concert coverage here! >>


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