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Last but not least: EOY (What you can expect in about a weeks time!)


In a blink of the eye, we have soon arrived at the very last month of this year and as of tradition, Team EOY have the annual event to be held at this time of the year!
This year the format of EOY has a pretty intresting format! But first, let see the details of the event first:

When:9 Dec 2012(Sun)
Time:1100 onwards
Where:Marina Barrage

Still lost?

Now like mentioned earlier,this year EOY will run on a  diffrent format as of other event. A Real-Life MMORPG-like event have been planned out where Visitors are "Players" in an RPG:

Will Yume’s HOPE prevail, or will the Evil’s CHAOS take over EOY? 
As the Heroes and Heroines, you get to decide the fate of the town!

"EOY 2012 Cosplay Festival is held against a backdrop of an original folk story, set in a small town called EOY. EOY is a peaceful but lively town, with a buzzing market place that houses many talented folks who love to perform, dance, sing, and create art.
But mysterious evil forces plan to destroy the peace and take over the town. They have declared war on the town folks and are making their advances.
Yume, a brave young girl has rallied the town folks to defend their homeland. But more bravehearts are needed to keep the evil forces at bay. The showdown starts 9th December at the Marina Barrage, where champions and heroes are invited to gather and battle it out with the forces of evil."

Store your Inventory at a safe place before embarking on your quest!(*For cosplayers only)

 The Eoy Quest: Like all MMORPG Players are tasked to certian Quest and Activites to complete to find out more regarding this quest Please visit this link!

The EOY market place, Stock up your loots of artworks and merchandise here! 
Be sure to bring enough gold(Currency: SGD, as real as it can get, ain't it? :P  ) for your loots!    

Get your energy boost from the entertainment at the EOY Stage

The Sweet Wonderland, an attraction hosted by the KiraCandy girls where you can expect to interact with them and enjoy some sweet and fun games!

The Kira Candy Girls profiles:

Look out for Meidos travelling around,They will be providing you with the potions and sweets,aiding you in the completion of your quest!

If you need more rest be sure to check out The Inn ! Not only you can drink and eat to re-energise yourself for the battle,get a chance to meet and interect with the meidos here too (^^.)

 The meidos Ambassadors:


This year at EOY, it is a story about good (HOPE) versus evil (CHAOS). EOY Town is under siege by forces of evil, the Chaos faction. We are looking for Cosplayers to join EOY in the glorious battle.
As a hero / heroine, you are given the choice to choose between Hope and Chaos. Champion and Ambassadors of Hope will cosplay the good characters. Champion and Ambassadors of Chaos will cosplay the villian characters.
Event attendees will ultimately cast their vote to determine the final outcome. Will Hope bring peace to EOY or will Chaos take over EOY? Join in the ultimate battle and pull the votes!

The Cosplay Ambassadors:

"Will Yume, the HOPE for EOY win the battle, or will CHAOS put out the light? We’re counting on you, the heroes and heroines, to give us the best outcome!
When the fate of the town has been decided, the victorious leader will lead the army of warriors together with the EOY folks, Meido Ambassadors and KiraCandy Girls on a march. At various points of the march, there will be lots of glorious group photo moments for keepsakes." 

"Following the victory parade, we will celebrate new-found friendship together with the stars as our witnesses, imprinting brilliant memories with light sticks, songs and dances. Together, we will look forward to a brand new year where the story continues.
More activities will be announced at a later date! Worried about energy levels? Don’t worry, we have prepared the necessary ameneties for our warriors so that you can have a busy yet relaxing time!"

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