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A short write up on my first 24 hours with Windows 8.

I upgraded my windows 7 to windows 8 yesterday after Microsoft aggressively priced the upgrade for existing Windows 7 user. Sure there were alot of debate regarding the MetroUI being a pain in the ass for Traditional keyboard & mouse/touchpad users. Well,we will touch on that later. 

Let us first talk about the upgrading process:
  • Everything was Smooth right from the Start, i just went over to,click on continue,filled in the form.
  • The email came within minutes with the link to download the Upgrade Assistant 
  • Everything was done right from the Upgrade Assistant , from checking compatibility to installation.    
  •  Within an hour after the download complete i found myself running windows 8 with everything still intact. The only things that was not working was my Intel Wireless and Bluetooth other than that everything else was working perfectly right from my first windows 8 bootup. 
  • Even so i still went over to to download the manufacturers driver updates.
  • Within another 30 minuets i found myself exploring and playing around with Windows 8.

MetroUI and me:
  • Like everyone else i didn't really like the metroUI on my system so i downloaded 3rd party Start button plugin for my Windows 8 desktop: 
What you see here its call Classic shell 
  • Currently there are 2 popular choices for the 3rd party Start button plugins. I chose Classic shell over Stardock's Start8 . Because the former is free the latter requires you to pay after a 30 day trial. 
  • Everything is highly customized-able:
Customize everything to your liking!

  • But honestly speaking certain Apps look really awesome with MetroUI like:
Skype for windows 8

Conclusion and Final Thoughts:

  • In my opinion there is several improvement such as better boot time as promised by microsoft.
  • I don't know if this is a placebo effect,but to me, i can feel that the system is quite a bit smoother comparing it when it was on windows 7
  • Gaming wise for GW2 there seems to be a slight improvement of 2-4 fps.
  • Given the price of the upgrade i never regret jumping on to the bandwagon,even though i still can't get use to the new user interface.
  • In my opinion Microsoft has just decided that its time to launched the next generation OS, after all touch screen devices are getting really common nowadays in the consumer sector.
  • Great play by Microsoft to even allow pirated users of windows 7 to upgrade to windows 8 at such a low price point,its has been a very effective anti-piracy from my point-of-view.    

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