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AFA 2011-What you can expect(Updated with press con pictures)

The 2 festival directors of AFA 11.

This morning i sacrificed my precious sleep time to attend the 2nd press conference for the upcoming AFA 2011.They have also launched thier full site at Lets see what have they have added to the line-up for AFA 2011.

AFA 11 Ticketing info(Updated 28/09/2011)

  • Basic Festival Ticket-$8
  • Stage Access Festival Ticket-$18
  • I love Anisong 1 Day Standing ticket-$48
  • I love Anisong 3 Day Standing ticket-$128
  • I love Anisong 1 Day VIP ticket-$148
  • I love Anisong 3 Day Ticket-$366($348-Early Bird special Before Oct 8)
* All Anisong's tickets will be inclusive of Festival & Stage events on thier respective concert days.
**Prices stated EXCLUDE $3 SISTIC charge PER DAY(i.e Its $9 for a 3 Day Ticket.)   

Tickets can be purcahse online from 1 oct onwards at

I love Anisong 11- Rock your soul! Super Anisong Concert Full artist lineup 

  • 11/11/11(Fri)-Hatsune Miku 3D(Holographic w/live band)
  • 12/11/11(Sat)-FLOW,Ichitrou Mizuki,LiSA,Sea☆A
  • 13/11/11(Sun)-Kalafina,Kanako Itou+Shikura Chiyomaru,MAY'N,Milky Holmes.

AFA 11 Special Guest list 

  • Atsuhiro Iwakami,Acclaimed Producer[Ore wa Imouto,Kara no Kyouka,Bakemongatari and Kannagi,Puella Magi Madoka Magika and Fate/zero]
  • Masayoshi Tanaka, Acclaimed Character Designer [Hitman REBORN!!,Toradora!,High School of The Dead,Anohana]
  • Go Nakanishi,Acclaimed Producer[Sokyuu no Fafner,Inukami & Negima;Producer of the Band Angela]
  • Chiwa Saitou,Seiyuu[Rebecca Miyamoto of Pani Poni Dash,Hitagi Senjougahara-Bakemonogatari,Kemoko-Kemoko Deluxe,Akemi Hmoura-Pulla Magi Madoka Magika]
  • Danny Choo,Celebrity Japanese pop-culture Blogger as AFA 11 Main Stage Host
  • Kaname☆,Celebrity Cosplayer as distinguished judge in the Regional Cosplay Championship 

AFA Anime Theatre 

  • Full Metal Alchemmist-The Star of Milos
  • Sora no Otoshimono:A clockwork Angeloid
  • Naruto:Shippunden-The Blood prison 

Guess who is here today? do come back for more picture i need to rush to work now! 

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