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STGCC 2011-The photos Flashback!

yup that was my photo chance with kipi and an autographed media pass =)

STGCC 2011 happened over the weekends at the grounds of suntec city. For cosplay wise whats is most exciting is probably what you have seen above... STGCC has manged to invite Kipi down has a guest judge for its cosplay competition. Also invited down as a guest judge is Jacky-san the Chief editor of They even invited down Itou Shizuka the voice of Hinagiku Katsura and Haruka Morishima but no form of photography or videography was allowed, other then that I will let the pictures and the videos do the talking c(^^.)

Kipi as Shana on Day 1


Both guest at a panel session from japan with love,they were asked about thier cosplay experiences

Kipi as homura during day 2, she was all excited and hyper when she see  this Madoka LOL! 
Roy representing Singapore in his awesome war machine who walks off as the well deserved champion
Jacky-san also contributed an autographed cos-mode issue by himself,which was won by kawaimence from the Philippines

Nikki from the Philippines got herself rewarded with Kipi's Haruhi costume having won the Kipi prize

Jacky-san who humbly accepted my request and poses after judging the competition 

Kaika a fellow blogger spotted among the crowd that moved forward for photo & autograph opportunity with kipi  

More photos:

Some videos

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