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1000 Paper Cranes1 Wish for Japan @ SOY "C";2011 Tōhoku earthquake & tsunami fundraising Project

SOY 'C' is just around the corner,as we know Japan has been recently hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami,not only that fukushima power plant was hit by the tsunami causing heavy damage to the plant
knocking out power and the backup power generator resulting in a partial core meltdown and several hydrogen explosion to the plant. 

To show our support, The Japanese Tsubasa Club organizer of SOY 'C'  & The Cosplay Chronicles  has came out with this brilliant idea of 1000 paper cranes which will be arranged to form the Japanese state flag ,this will then be framed up and sent to Japan. Legend as it that a crane will appear and grants ones wish if 1000 paper cranes are folded.

Here is how it works:
-The paper will be sold at $2 each,ALL proceeds from these will go to the Singapore Red Cross.
-Fold it into a crane,if you don't know how to there will be people guiding you so don't worry.
-Watch your crane as it become a part of the giant origami Japanese state flag!

So do your part and show your support of japan,see you at the event folding the cranes!

p.s: According to The Cosplay Chronicles  Rescend and his team A.K.A The Omake Studios will be having another fun raising project at the event itself too!

Personal Thoughts
It is great seeing how the community band together doing such works,i have always been wanting to do such things but i am not very good at handling things so i made my contributions earlier by donating via I-banking.Now that someone has actually come of with these i wish to do my part by spreading the word around(and of cos i will buy the paper and fold the cranes).so do support the fundraising events alright =) ? 

Best regards and wishes for Japan
Han Siang 'Speedknight' Wong.




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