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Stage Without Borders@Orchard(Day 1-mini coverage)


Organized by 360 Without borders,Stage without borders@Orchard is a event that is happening on the 19th Feb, 26th Feb, 5th Mar, 6th Mar, 12th Mar, 13th Mar,19th Mar,20th Mar along the walkway outside Wisma offer a platform for local youths to showcase their talents to the general public.Besides this event
360 without borders also offer weekly activities at their facilities over at *scape,if you do remember,several events last year such as the Teenage Big Day out preliminary rounds,Haru party and the SGcafe Cosplay party is being held at the location. You might want to check out the weekly Gatherings they have over @360 without borders offical site .
For now, link to picture album and a video is after the break,enjoy and do join in the fun at the above mention dates.

Speedknight - View my 'Stage without borders' set on Flickriver

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