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The interview with people behind SGcafe Party

   Left to right:Myself,Adrain(azuxazu's admin),Serene,demonic_angel,oOgaA(Justin)  

So is less then 48 hours to the SGcafe party,along with azuxazu we had the opportunity to interview the man behind the event oOgaA (Justin) and Serene who will be performing at the event itself!

Part 1:The interview with Justin

Q: How about we start of from telling us more about yourself?
I work for SGcafe from VR Media. I'm someone who likes to blog and started from it.Basically i started off from blogging about animes, cosplay and figurine.Eventually I was approached by VR Media to join them and was offered a position in SGcafe.

It more of interest to me.I'm also a cosplay photographer.You often see me at many of the events running around, sometime you will see me with my figurines & friends.I like to approach people and mix around with my friends.Right now what i am trying to pursue is mixing my work and together and being passionate about it. During my free time,i will also blog at my personal blog,the banzai effect.

Q:What is SGC to you?

As some of you know, SGcafe began as a forum during kenshin time,the majority of the forum topics revolves around cosplay, cosplay groupings and very random chatting.Now VR Media have taken over SGcafe. Back then it's mostly about cosplay, but now we are moving out more towards youth pop culture as a whole.Not just about cosplay ,now we are having more contents, this is where our SGcafe blog comes in to the picture,this is very similar to the concept we have over at the banzai effect.

Along with it,there will be events such as the SGC party in which will be held. This is at its 'experimental' stage now. To see how our forum members response,also an opportunity for our forum member know each other and have fun.Moving on,in the future we will try to reach out to more platforms,approaching more partners and giving more incentives to our forumers. Unlike before,its all just about chatting. We want the forum members to feel more at home and not just chatting around,we hope they engage in the activities as well.

Q:Things we can look forward to at the SGcafe cosplay party?

Basically there will be a cosplay parade, not really "bombastic" or major unlike others. We are having a small-scaled showcase where the cosplayer go up on stage and pose with their best poses for a photographic opportunity.Some of the photographers which frequents  SGcafe may get their photos of the event featured on the SGcafe blog as well.

Along with that we also have lightsaber demonstration by another of our forum member as well. Basically its more of a community performances put together by the efforts of the forum members. Of course, you will be expecting Serene to performing some songs during the party.

We are in conjunction with Singapore Gamefest, so other than the cosplay party there will be gaming event like Starcraft & street fighter 4 competitions and the likes.For this we ain't planning for a major event, we are keeping it at a small scale level,as an element of the Singapore Gamefest.We hope to move on and and have a event of our own in which isn't just about cosplay. But right now this is its still at its 'infant stage'.

Q:Goodie bags?

Its an initiative that we approach the Singapore Gamefest Organizers who sponsored the good bags ,because we feel that the cosplayers deserves something.We don't want them to just come to cosplay and head home.We are hoping that this goodie bags would serve as a incentive for them for them to come to have fun.Our first cosplay party would comes as a gathering, a get-together. An event to showcase to people to know about  SGcafe.

Part 2:The interview with Serene  

Q:Tell us more about yourself
I find it hard to talk about myself, currently i am 16 this year and i had just finished my O level recently.

Q:First cosplay?
I started cosplaying back in EOY 2009, it was also my first live performance. I only started singing in 2008 and it was self taught so there wasn't any vocal training. I also upload my cover of songs to youtube.

Q:How was your first experience?
I feel that i could have done better, because it’s my first performance, and it’s also during my first cosplay, I did not wear my specs or contacts back then.As a result,I was literally blind, so on the stage couldn’t really see the audience so I can’t interact well with them. 
It also was my first performance and i couldn’t really handle my nervousness. I actually went flat (tone) a few times.There was even one part that I forgot about the lyrics,but for some unknown reason I was able to pull it through. It may not be obvious to others but because i was the one performing so I know that there were many room for improvement.

Q:Any other events you attend?
I attended AFA X Anisong showdown recently. It was my first competition and second performance.

Q:Future Plans
I’m a person who enjoy being in the limelight. But of course if someone deserve it better,I’ll back away but I’ll come back for sure. Right now I’m still very unsure about my future plans, but definitely i will be doing more Cosplay, Competing in more competitions and performing more performances.

Q:What can we be expecting from you this weekend?
I will be cosplaying as miku,again.
Will be doing 2 songs:
Honto no Jibun from Shugo Chara) and Happy Material from Mahou sensei Negima would like to thank everyone for their time and efforts put up for this interview.

Be sure to catch us in action this coming saturday at *Scape from 1330 onwards.   

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