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When K-on!! meets Population Census

First saw this news over at alafista and would like to share this with my readers too!
Apparently the cast of K-on!! were selected as mascot for the Kyoto prefecture for the Japanese Population Census which falls on the 1st of October. A radio advertisement which encourages
Kyoto residents to participation in the census is aired.The Recording of the Radio advertisement can be downloaded from the Official Kyoto Prefecture Website. As expected of the otakus in japan,
they actually took the recordings and created a unofficial promo video which was uploaded to Nico Nico Douga. Videos can be found after the break.

First up the recording of official radio advertisement:

Then the unofficial promo video by the otakus:

 Talk about the influence of anime in japan and also this is so much cooler then ours
 I wonder if anyone of you have realize our very own Population Census ads in our MRT trains....

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  1. Second season didn't really entertain me. Too much tea drinking, too less band practicing. And why movie??! KyoAni should just make continuation of Full Metal Panic.