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AFA X Details! There is so much more compare to last year!

More updates will be updated once they are announced! do stay tune!

On Monday details of AFA X is finally unmasked to the public here are the Exciting details !

AKB Town
  • Confirmed merchants so far are Bandai, Cospa and Bushiroad
  • There will be Exclusive merchandise, such as Bandai’s Chogokin of the Mazinkaiser.
  • Cospa will be bring in the Kadokawa World tour & also the Evangelion Store.
Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe  
  • School Theme for this year
  • Introduces a new maid, Moe-chan,also introduced is the Atelier Royaler Butler cafe.
AKB Mini Stage  
  •  A mini stage where smaller acts are allowed, similar to how in Akiba people are allowed to perform.

Special Guest appearance
  • Seiyus of the upcoming Moeblob  Tantei Opera Milky Holmes anime.
  • Kana Hanazawa, the voice behind Kanade 'Tenshi' Tachibana in the anime Angel Beats.
  • Danny Choo,he need no introduction!
  • Kaname, who is like danny choo famous and coming for the 2nd year running.  
AFA Tournaments
  •  Bushiroad, Weib Schwarz Grand Prix Final round, where top players from Malaysia and Singapore will be competing to represent each country to Japan, where they will competing to be the Top WS player of the world. 
  • Regional Cosplay Championship 2010, where cosplayers from the region fights to be the best in the region. Now accepting registration, selected country representatives will be sponsored to compete in Singapore, where the Judge includes Kaname.

Anime Blockbuster:
  • 2 shows Gundam OO: A wakening of the Trailblazer & Exclusive SE Asian premier of The Disappearance of the Suzumiya Haruri

I  Love Anisong concert:
  • 2 days[Side A is day 1,Side B is day 2],5 Artists,6 hours
  • May’n, returning to Singapore for the 3rd time! – Side B -
  • Ichiro Mizuki, Mazinger Z! – Side A -
  • Angela, See you! – Side B -
  • SCANDAL, … – Side B -
  • JAM Project, Motto motto! – Side A -

 For the 1st time a tier based ticking prices(Prices are in Singapore Dollars):
  •  Festival Only ticket (NO ACCESS TO STAGE EVENTS) @ $8/day [You may upgrade this to the next tier @ $10/day] 
  • Festival+Stage access+Anime Blockbuster (NO ACCESS TO I LOVE ANISONG ) @ $15/day 
  • Concert Standing pass+Festival+Stage access @ $55/day
  • 1 Day VIP Passes to Concert +Festival+Stage access @ $118   
  • 2 Days VIP Passes to Concert +Festival+Stage access @ $198  

AFA X related Youtube playlist 

  • There are too many videos so i embed a playlist instead 

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    1. I really want to watch Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu early than BD release. Damn... why November.