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Major Backlash after Aya Hirano reveals her love life on TV

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Aya Hirano the voice actress who shot to fame with Haruhi Suzumiya of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya & Konata of Lucky star is apparently facing the firing squad of her own fans now.

What happen was during an interview with "Gout temps nouveau", she cofessesed that she actually like older man & dating not one but several of them.This was way too much for her fans(apparently it was the 2nd blow to them after she announce that she will be converting to mainstream instead of being a VA) .       

Fans enraged by her actions went totally berserk,posted the following pictures online:


2ch was also set ablaze with comments flaming her and even a death threats like

“I’m glad I didn’t record [the program]; I’m going to kill Hirano Aya.”

Even her Wikipedia was not spared,a string of 67,000 characters of the word die was written on it(it has been reverted though.)

Seriously dudes



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