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COMEX 2009

Singapore have 4 IT-shows a year(March[IT Show],June[PC Show],September[Comex],Novmeber[SITEX])
Suntec is gonna be Jam packed with Bargain hunters Starting today and over the the weekends for Comex 2009!

Here is a few tips
-Do your home work 1st!
  >Look online for the scanned Brochures/Price list
  >Scout forums like hardwarezone or VR-zone for the offers

-First day or Last?
  >Go on the 1st if you want more freebies,go on the last with you want last min Bargains!
-Public transport the way to go!
 > Forget your car!! You prolly cant find a parking space and wasting your petrol looking for one.
 > Take the Public transport there!

- Avoid the crowd!
  >Similar offers can sometimes be found at Sim Lim Square and Funan!
  >Take note though, Some retailers will not be opening their shopfront but at COMEX booth instead!

Click here to get COMEX Brochures! 


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