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Hello world,Hello japanese sub-culture

23 years has passed and my life is taking quite a dramatic change,as i grad from poly last year,
the much more carefree life as a Full time student officially entered the history book of mine.

This new road road ahead is still long,mistake made now is not as easy to be forgiven,
but due to the stupid carelessness, i am digging my own grave....

K, that is enough of ranting! Exactly a year ago,i was wondering what to do on this day.
I wanted to do somtihng different from the previous years,and Matsuri over at vivo happens
to fall on this very day,so there i attended my first cosplay event,i was not even with a proper
camera back then,was going around snapping with N73 XD.

The event triggered my interest in the Japanese sub-culture.
I attended more of such events and acquired myself a proper camera,
and became an avid photog of the Japanese sub-culture...
as times goes by this site has been thermoformed from a personal blog
to a site that covers such events in singapore.

Seems like the next event will be kurobara over at liang court on the 28th of this month,
lets keep our fingers cross that there ain't any last min changes on my side (^^.")       

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