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So thats was it for EOY,or was it?

A X'mas gift from for the Singapore Cosplaying community...
Below is Extracted from Kyuuketsuki's post from SGcafe:
Hi all,

STAC has recently disbanded, and thus EOY2008 will be their last EOY convention that is held by STAC.

It is indeed extremely sad to see STAC go, and personally, I think it's
really a pity. It is the an event (EOY) that I look forward annually,
as it not only displays the creative artistic talents of many
individuals, but also is a great bonding time where people of
like-minded interest can interact with one another.

I have spoken with Kheldar Blackmane, and he has given his agreement that we will be taking over the organization of EOY 2009.

As such, EOY 2009 will still go on, and it'll continue to be an event
where people can display their talents in various areas, including (but
not limited to) cosplay, artwork, photography, dolls, punk, gothic and

Some of you may recognize me as the boss of Black Alice, but I'll be
organizing another group of people to handle EOY, which will be known
as a separate entity to prevent any confusion.

EOY is an event that I have been attending since 2005, and I used to
watch lots of anime during that period (army days). Those were the days
where I met many friends, many whom I still see around today, and also
partially the reason why I got involved in the Loli fashion industry.

I do not claim to know everything, but my heart's desire is to keep the
love for Japanese culture alive, especially in the anime/cosplay
community. I really don't want EOY to just dissipate and only remain a
past memory.

But rather, I sincerely hope that every individually will always
continually be able to exhibit their creative talents in cosplay,
drawing, dolls, punk, loli fashion, and to continue to build and
maintain strong relationships with one another.

I know this is going to be a tough road of rebuilding ahead, but I will
do my utmost best to make EOY09 an extremely enjoyable event, and for
many EOY(s) to come. However, that will not be possible without the
help of everyone, so please do support the event by continuing to
cosplay and contributing your talents.

I pray that the cosplay dream of every cosplayer will never die, and
that each one will continue to feel appreciated, loved and accepted for
what they believe. After all, cosplay is something that is so very
often misunderstood. Let's work together for that change in the future.

Perhaps, "keeping every person's dream and creativity alive" might be
the best way to summarize everything that I really want to say. It may
seem a little exaggerated, but those are my heartfelt words.

I really hope EOY09 will be a big success, and I hope everyone will
give us their support for the future EOY committee. We are not perfect
people, but we try our best to be as good as we can.

More details, website, etc will be posted and updated along the way in
this thread. If you have any suggestions for us, please do feel free to
list them here. For those that would like to help, you're more than
welcomed, so please let me know. I am always just an email/phone
call/PM away.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for reading this lengthy entry, and
also a tribute to STAC, for making such a fantastic annual event that
we look forward to every year.

Let's continue to keep this dream alive, and together, let's make EOY09 a great one.


Tim Wong

Event Coordinator, EOY2009

Look like EOY has came back to life,albeit under a different management.
Lets look forward to EOY09!

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  1. Ah the owner of Black Alice, I believe Squee will know him well, as well as a few cosplayers and lolitas I know. This is great news of course.