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POC lor~~~~~~!

Well i just POC less then 48 hours ago,passed out from Tekong.
Life there has full of up and downs,But all of us endure through it.

One main factor in driving through all of these is the help from
the platoon mates,I would not have Completed the 8-click road march without
thier help(I really appreciate what they have done).
Thus i think its the kind of friendship and buddies you wont find
anywhere else.

Commanders alike,without their guidance,
I don't think we would have made it thus far
sometimes we dont agree with them punishing us,
then agian they are just carrying out their dutys

Looking back,I really enjoyed
the Live range,field camp and BIC.
Ask yourself how many times in your life,
in Singapore you are able to fire a weapon legally?
Once,twice? or for some of us is really once in a lifetime experience.


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