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Rozen maiden,Cosplay,Dollfies,Lolitas,JRock Desu~~~~~~~~

Few weeks has pass since i completed my attachment,so while waiting for Enlistment,
i found ways to burn my time and enjoy myself,which include attending cosplaying events,
not cosplaying of course(I dun have the $$$,I dun have the courage and look,even if i have the trio,Parents wise...LOL.!!!)
but i am attending these events as a public photographer...

Enjoy the photos here:

I am planning to set up a photo blog soon but that will be after this weekend when i have snap the Chinatown piont event day 3 and 4. so do look out for that.

Also i started watching anime,one of them is the Rozen Maiden series,bad choice!!!!!!
Why? Cos once i watch the first episode i got hook to it and i rush to finished all the 26 episodes(12 from season 1,12 from season 2,2 from overture OVA.).The reason behind it is this Anime has a good storyline,a good OST(Yes its playing in the background now, track 1,3 and 5)...with these 2 it becomes a deadly combo as the scenes really become emotional and this anime as both end of the spectrum,the really funny part and the part that really touches your heart deep within.But i would not recommend you to watch this anime infront of kids below the age of 16 as it has a darker theme.How popular is this series? It was ranked 9th out of the top 100 anime in 2006 and the manga in which the anime is based on, was read by Taro Aso, Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Its surprising how an anime based on dolls can have such a large population male fan base,in which its the market that this anime is targeting for,and its a huge success in that aspect.

The collection of rozen maiden merchandise that i brought during the 2008 cosplay and manga exhibition in at suntec city
World book fair:

To find out more about the anime: spoilers!)
The Source that said that Taro Aso read the manga: Personal life,paragraph 2).

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