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It have been a long time since the last entry. Many events passed and more are oncoming

Eons have pass since i last log on and post,this is partly due to my attachment.
Most of the time i just have time to surf the forums and before i get really shag to continue.

Only 3 more weeks,and my poly life story shall come to a close.
My Graduation Ceremony is on the 20th of may although my attachment will end on the 23rd.
But its just Barely 8 weeks before i say goodbye to my pink IC..........

These day besides being fairly busy with my attachment,
I have been playing around with my new toy and picking up hobby
and that is photography with my recently bought 2nd hand FZ-5.
I intend to start a proper photo blog soon,but that is sure gonna
be after my attachment end.

Today when i when out to take photo at arab street with fellow forummers
i saw this respectable man:

for people who don't know about him he is Vladimir A. Yarets, a hearing impaired that have mnage to tour around
the world with his bike.His determination is really inspiring isnt it?

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