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Today is 大年初一, and i want to wish all a prosperous new year ahead of them may their wishes come true!
鼠(数)一,鼠(数)二,鼠(数)钱才,speedknight 祝你鼠年行大运!and most importantly good health too for you to enjoy your weatlh~

Anyway this year is slightly different,because instead of going to my grandma(father's side) place,the relatives come to my place instead!
Well in this way i get the best of both worlds as i get the comfort of my own house and get to feel of warmth the gathering.
I went to my 舅母(mum's side) house in the evening and my 表姐 also went there and thus her 2 daughter(a.k.a my nephew )
the younger one is 1.5 yr old and the older 1 i not very sure....
Anyway they are cute lar! and also a few pionys came outside the door and sing the westernized Chinese new year song lol!
well its for donation 1 but in the spirit of CNY we decied to give them angpaos also on top of the donation :D.

here are some pictures of the gathering @ my house:

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