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A brand new chapter,A Brand new way of life ^^

1 week have pass ever since my FYP started.This is a brand new Chapter of my life.

The Scope of my project is the development of E-learning Materials for EG2004:Automatic control .
I know quite a bit of Flash so it pretty easy for me to do this project,however at the same time is pretty tedious too.
I also get the chance to use Action script that i never use before.

The room i am in happens to be the popular venue for the normal path student to do their 6th week presentation,
seeing how the accessors are "shooting" at them mercilessly makes me wonder how am i going to present my own
when my turn come.

Don't know why this few day i seem to be very tired when i reach home,maybe its just the first week so my body clock
has not tune itself correctly yet,moreover the ambient in my FYP room is really nice to sleep.It is "Freezing" cold so most
of the time we put on our sweaters and such to keep us warm,its such a nice temp. to sleep when you have them on.I dont
have the luxury of an Air-con at home XD.

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