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An S.H.E Studded weekend!

Well yes is have been "Chasing Stars" all the weekend.
From The East(Changi airpot/Expo) to the West(IMM).
As usual i have to Q early early........
For the Concert i go right after i pick them up @ airport which is about 1pm
they start moving ppl in @ 630pm~645pm so that is 5 and 1/2 wait....
For the Autograph i went @ 730am the start of the event was 1.30pm(S.H.E came)~2pm(Start autograph.)so that is another 6 hours wait...... for the both days weather isnt kind on us fan either it has been raining......i have to an endure dirzzle @ Expo cos i did not expect it to rain...
And At IMM we we lucky that they try and mange to pack us who mange to get on the sky garden into the tent else i will become "Chicken in the soup" agian,cos the rain was very very heavy even with umbella i dun think it can protect me much,the rian was so heavy that the IMM sky garden was flooded!
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