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No CNY mood? now i noe why! Forums - shopkeeper play CNY music also need to pay $$$??


Sunday Times: Lifestyle
4 Feb 2007

Copyright rules mean even small shops & eateries must pay up if they want to play CNY songs

PAY - if you want to play Chinese New Year songs in your shop, restuarant or hair salon.

This is even if you do so for a short period during the run-up to thecelebration. That's the stand of the Composers and Authors Society ofSingapore (Compass), a non-profit organisation which protects thecopyright interests of composers, authors and publishers of musicalworks.

It collects, & distributes, royalities to them.

Compass spokesman Gerald Ng says a fee must be paid "whether they playmusic 2 weeks in a year during Chinese New Year or the whole yearround".

An annual licence is required to broadcast music. Ansd the rule doesn'tjust apply to nightclubs or KTV lounges. It also affects all commercialoutlets that play recorded music - even neighbourhood stores, coffeeshops and hair salons.

The cost can range from $195 for a small eatery with 32 seats to about$16000 for a large mall with 20000 sq m of pedestrian space.

An operator of an average-sized coffee shop with 90 seats will have topay $380, or risk a fine not exceeding $20000, a jail term of up to 2years, or both.


Now i finally noe y this year the cny mood is nowhere to be found, and oh have i mention ? i am having my semestral examination starting on the 5th day of CNY.

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