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It has been long time since i last update the blog(blog archived from my old one)

S.H.E concerts roxs my world :)

well it has been a very long time since is last posted lol,busy with school work and other stuff thus i have no time to update it.
Well it has been a very high weekend for me as i went to S.H.E concert on the 27th and on the 28th i went to their autograph session for their HK cd/dvd.haha tired lors on the 27th i almost 2am then reach home,because at kallang there is estimated turn out of 60K people.50K @ the national stadium to watch singapore vs malaysia in the 2end leg of semi-final(asean cup).
Another of 10K people in the indoor stadium watching S.H.E concert.To make things worst both start at the same time and the match will end 1/2hr earlier if there is no extra time and PK.Well knowing the crowd is going to be huge i went there early.the concert starts 30mins later as most of the people are late,you can't blame em lar both of the stadium full house leh haha.Then the concert end at 11PM i tot that heng ar end so late the match should ended long ago liaoz.To my horror i step outside of the indoor stadium i saw a sea of red....which means omg the match ended not long ago?
Later I found out that singapore won by PK.Well no choice lor,my friend and i walked down 2 bus stops away to take bus. But still,there is alot of ppl -_-". I am supposed to take 853 in the end wait and wait for 1hr nb still not yet the end have to take NR take NR7 to transfer to NR2..well there is a little treat@ somerset.There was an illegal street racing team having their race along "orchard gudang"(nicknamed for orchard being an famous illegal race track). Once reach home i uploaded the concert picture and by the time i sleep is 3am liaoz.I am suppose to wake up on 5.45am,however too tired to wake up in the end drag until almost 7am then wake up,then i rush down to junction 8 lucky got friend who live reserved place for me.we waited 8 hours for the event to start. It started at 3PM and i got their autograph just 15mins after they started signing,the 3rd time i got their siggys :).

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