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CJN 2012

Posted By: han siang "Speedknight" wong - Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just a day after AFA 2012(Do check out the article if you have not done so!) CJN Singapore 2012 was being held a Kallang theater.  

A total of 419 comrades(Statistical data from ) attended the event graced by:

  • Kamiyama Kenji (Director of 009 RE:CYBORG, Eden of the East, Ghost in the Shell SAC)
  • Ishii Tomohiko (Producer of 009 RE:CYBORG, Eden of the East, Ghost in the Shell SAC, Howl's Moving Castle)
  • Fukuoka Toshihiro of Ascii Media Works (Toradora, Railgun, Oreimo) and producer of Hatsune Miku hologram concerts
  • Shawn Chin - the AFA Maker!
  • CEO of Nitroplus Digitaro (Steins Gate, Fate Zero, Madoka Magica)
  • CEO of Good Smile Company Takanori Aki
  • Project Planning and Production Manager of Good Smile Company Mr Oda P
  • Singapores most well known blogger Mr Brown
  • Doujin circle Collateral Damage Studios
  • Doll circle Yukino Fujiwara        

Magical girl Powered SMART.
Mr. Brown meets Mr. Danny

Do check out the rest of the gallery below:

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