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Monday, March 16, 2015

J-obession 2015: The report

J-obsession 2015.

Returning for its 2015 edition, J-Obsession was held at over a The Cathay over the weekends from the 13 march 2015- 15 march 2015.  From cosplay to J-Music, J-obessession 2015 had it covered. This year the theme of the event is Farewell to Naurto as Naurto's Final Movie is currently screening in Singapore. 

The Event started on Friday evening with several J-rock band performance with Mel ,Candy Apple Sauce,Shiranui,Eclispe and Square Bread.

Day 2 saw the cosplay competion itself and also J-Music amd Dance Peformances by Project 6.Usagi.Resonance.Rika.Miu,LSC,J.U.N.E,Ryuusei ,Otakuyaki.Sangriento and Life had Mase.

The event also invited 2 guest cosplayers from Japan,Rimuta and Shiro as well as Local cosplayers Rainer and Ashleyz were also invited.

Day 3 saw Rie Fu performing live on stage, bringing several of her hit songs like Life is Like a Boat (Bleach ED), I Wanna Go To a Place(Gundam Seed Destiny ED).

Day 3 J-music and dance performance had Natsumi Hoshino,Evieeep,Lirica,Reina.Mirei,Suzume,Natsu feat Rae & Ruka.Hakushiro,Final Haven,Quis on stage.

For the rest of the photos of the event, Check out the gallery below:


Sunday, March 01, 2015

Chara expo 2015 press-con

Takaaki Kidani(COE Bushiroad), Izumi Kitta(Voice Actress) and Hiroshi Tannahashi(Japan Pro Wrestler)

On Thursday members of  the media and the public were invite over to Sony Playstation Stage at Somerset 313 for a short press-con for Charaexpo 2015 where the details of the event itself were released.

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0001

The inaugural event which focus on the anime, manga, games, card games and cosplay will be happening on the 20 to 21 June 2015 at Singapore Expo hall 8 from 1000-1800 hours, Entry Tickets will be priced at $6 for early bird special and $8 on site. Tickets will be On-Sale in April

The Event will be dived into 3 Zones, namely the:

Exbititon Zone- Where the content of Your fave characters and be found and thier goods will be sold here.

Creator Zone-A place where indiviual creators can unleash thier creativity.

Entertianment Zone-An area where Content Creators and Production staff showcase thier work and interect with the audiences thru the llikes of talk show and panels on stage.

Special Guest

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0003

Voice actors:
Izumi Kitta [Official blog | Official Twitter]

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0004

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0005

Aimi [Official blog Official Twitter]

Image Source: My anime list

Mashiro Ayano [Official Site | Official Twitter]

Image source:Official website

New Japan Pro-Wresters:
Hiroshi Tannahashi
CharaFestv2015 press Con_0006

-Shinsuke Nakamura
-KazuChika Okada
-Hirooki Goto
-Togi Makabe
-Toru Yano
-Junshin Thunder Liger


Akio Watanbe
Image Source:Myfigurecollection

Obari Masami

Image source:vanishingtrooper.wordpress.com 

Exibitors(As of 26 Feb 2015)

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0002

-Good Smile Company
-Visual Art's
-Tokyo Mx
-TV Tokyo
-TV Ashai
-New Japan Pro-wrestling World
-Amuse Singapore
-Front Wing
-NBCUniversal Entertianment Japan
-CoMix Wave Flims
-Shogakukan Asia
-Avarium Academy

Featured Contents

Cardgame Tournaments-Bushiroad Springfest

Wrestling Exhibtion Matches

Animation Series:

 -Le Eden De La Grisaia

Currently the above are annouced for the event, there is more to come. The line up looks very promising and there is more to come. I am certianly look forward to this event.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Last: Naruto the Movie Premering on 12 March 2015 at Cathay Cineplexes

Good news for all fans from Singapore of the popular Naruto
anime series!  Odex presents The Last: Naruto The Movie, the tenth Naruto full-length film from that series. The film is directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi while manga author Masashi Kishimoto provided the story concept, character designs, and exercisedcomplete editorial supervision. The film was first announced at
Jump Festa 2012. It was premiered in Japan on December 6, 2014.

During its first weekend, it earned ¥515 million (US$4.35 million).
The film has grossed ¥1.29 billion after three weekends and by the end of December 2014, it had earned about ¥1.75 billion (US$14.76 million) and became the top-grossing feature film in the franchise.

NARUTO is coming to a conclusion! The movie version fills the "vacuum" and goes beyond the original story.The Village Hidden in the Leaves, the location where the fated battle between Naruto and Sasuke took place. It is now two years

The winter festival is approaching in Hidden Leaf Village. Naruto is at
Ichiraku Ramen, having fun with the friends he grew up with. Hinata has
knitted a scarf for him with love in every stitch, but it remains
undelivered, and she gives herself a hard time for being a coward.
Suddenly, a mysterious man appears. Naruto comes to the rescue in the
nick of time, but the man takes flight, leaving a disturbing message…
The moon approaches dangerously close! Is this a natural
disaster, or is it a warning for all shinobi?

An emergency meeting of the Five Kage is convened with the heads of
each nation. If nothing is done, the moon will disintegrate and its
remains will fall to Earth. The countdown to Armageddon begins. Panic
spreads among the shinobi. Naruto, along with Sakura, Shikamaru, Sai
and Hinata, sets out to investigate and comes upon an unusual
underground space where a giant curse mark is inscribed. A certain plan
and its unbelievable mastermind lie in wait.

Weave your hope into a new era. Do not give up on the future.Toneri Otsutsuki, a descendant of the progenitor of chakra, Kaguya Otsutsuki, who had engaged Naruto and Sasuke in mortal combat,appears with a squad of puppets and attacks with overwhelming force. Hinata falls into his hands. Meanwhile aboveground, the battle to protect the world from the meteorites seems futile. What is the final plan that Toneri speaks of? What is the tragic fate that connects the Otsutsuki and Hinata's Hyuga Clan? As the end of the world nears, unbending feelings
span through time and collide! The final story of Naruto, the hero who was once an outcast, is in love.

Director: Tsuneo Kobayashi
Cast (Voice Cast):
Junko Takeuchi as Naruto Uzumaki
Nana Mizuki as Hinata Hyuuga
Jun Fukuyama as Toneri Ootsutsuki
Kazuhiko Inoue as Kakashi Hatake
Satoshi Hino as Sai
Showtaro Morikubo as Shikamaru Nara

Where to watch? 

The Last: Naruto the Movie
ザ・ラスト Naruto the Movie (Japanese)
Release Date: Opens on 12 March 2015 (Thursday)
Runtime: 112 mins
Rating: PG
Language: Japanese Dub with English & Mandarin
Location: All Cathay Cineplexes*

*All updated and booking information will be officially announced at the following site:


Movie Premiums

Monday, February 02, 2015


Picture from JMF Facebook

Scandal will be back for thier 3rd Solo Concert in Singapore. SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015「HELLO WORLD」will be happening on the 8th of May 2015, 2000 hours(Doors will open at 1900 hours) at The Coliseum,Hard Rock Hotel Singapore,RWS.

Sharing the same name of thier album released in December which was produce by SCANDAL themselves with Seiji Kameda and Tetsuya Komuro. This World tour will see them traveling to 6 other countries namely France,Germany,Hong Kong.Mexico,Taiwan and USA.

This will also be the very first concert annouced by SOZO for this year under thier JMF platform, in co-operation with Zepp-Live

Ticketing Details:

Map is Extracted from The official site & its NOT drawn to scale.

Ticket sales link>> http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/scandal0515

Early Bird Promotion (9th Feb, 10 am to 15th Feb, 11.59pm.)
VIP - $138 (under CAT 1 on SISTIC). Comes with high-five session after the concert!
GA - $88 (under CAT 2 on SISTIC)
Normal sales (16th Feb, 10 am onwards)
VIP - $148 (under CAT 1 on SISTIC) . Comes with high-five session after the concert!
GA - $98 (under CAT 2 on SISTIC) <<< Selling Fast!!!

*All prices exclude additional SISTIC ticket fee and entrance fee onto Sentosa Island.

Please note the following before you purchase your tickets:

·        Entry is first-come-first-served, without reservation.
·       Times stated are in Singapore time (+8GMT)
·         Ticket launch will take place across physical and online channels at 10am, on the specified dates.
·         All tickets will be sold via SISTIC.
·         Please note that tickets will not be sold at the venue on the event day as there are SISTIC outlets near the venue, at the RWS Theatre (if open) and Vivocity. SISTIC personnel will only be there for ticket collection, if the option is chosen by the purchaser.

Official Goods

[To be annouced]


New Greeting video!-  updated 12/03/2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

GameStart signs agreement with Taipei Game Show

GameStart signs agreement with Taipei Game Show. Image Source: Gamestart's FB page

Opportunity for gaming-related companies from Singapore to gain exposure

Singapore, 14 January, 2015 – Eliphant Pte Ltd, organiser of Southeast Asia’s premier gaming convention GameStart - which attracted over 12,000 visitors at its inaugural show in October this year - has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Taipei Computer Association, organisers of Taipei Game Show. The partnership will help encourage business initiatives, enhance market access and increase trade opportunities across thegaming industries in Singapore and Taiwan.

“Taipei Game Show is a well-regarded, established event and we are delighted to have signed this partnership agreement with them. The aim of this collaboration is to help indie developers from both countries find opportunities to promote their games to a wider audience, and give gamers in both markets access to even more exciting games and game-related content,” said Elicia Lee, Director, Eliphant Pte Ltd.

To be held from 28 Jan to 1 Feb at Taipei World Trade Centre, Taipei Game Show is one of the leading gaming events in Asia, with over 350,000 visitors attending in 2014. The upcoming show aims to increase interaction between local and overseas companies. With the success of

‘B2B – Indie Game Area’ last year, Taipei Game Show 2015 will organise a larger event,‘Indie Game Festa’, which will feature some of the most creative game developers fromaround the world.

Under the agreement, GameStart will have a booth at the B2B section of TGS on 28 & 29January and indie developers or gaming-related companies from Singapore have beeninvited to attend. Correspondingly, GameStart will offer booth space to Taipei Game Show at its 2015

event and likewise provide booth space for Taiwanese indie developers or small gaming-related companies.

So far, two GameStart participants have confirmed their attendance at Taipei Game Showas part of the arrangement – figurine producers Kinetiquettes and indie studio Liongeeks.

Kinetiquettes was founded by a group of enthusiastic individuals, passionate aboutfigurines and collectibles. The team has over 40 years of combined experience in the

video games and animation industry. Due to the nature of their work experience, they aim to introduce highly artistic and dynamic collectible statues unlike anything in the market.

Kinetiquettes not only creates its own line of collectibles based off popular licenses but also designs and manufactures statues and figures for clients from all over the world.

Liongeeks is a Visual Development Studio located in Singapore. Providing a wide range of visual aesthetic and design services to clients, the studio also seeks to provide a platform for content creators to be able to share their creations, and encourage more collaboration.

Elicia added, “The Singapore gaming industry is a mature market with PC, console and mobile gaming all having significant market share. With a population of just over five million, it is a small market. However, the Southeast Asia market is huge and we had visitors from around the region come to Singapore for last years’ show. We expect 2015 to be much bigger with even more people from the region coming to attend.”

About GameStart

Inspired by the excitement of E3, the community hype of PAX and the passion of gamers in Asia, GameStart is Southeast Asia’s premier gaming convention. Organised by industry veterans who are themselves gamers, GameStart seeks to bring the biggest and latest titles, eSports tournaments, meet-the-producer sessions, expert panels, and
everything gaming-related to audiences in Asia. The event also incorporates Founders Base, which aims to help promote independent studios and developers from Singapore and the region. The inaugural event in October 2014 saw over 12,000 visitors from around Asia.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Comic Feista 2014:Cosplay Photos Recap.

Well here is the Cosplay Photo Recap of Comic Feista 2014,the last event i attended in 2014 which happened from the 27th to the 28th of December more than 300 km away at KLCC.

While it took me  and my friends the longest recorded time ever to reach KL, totaling to 11 hours(Usually it only take 5-6 hours,But we headed up on boxing day hopinf to avoid the crowd, but was dead wrong.) But in the end, i guess it was all worth while. As usual beside the Event itself, the trip to KL with friends has always been fun filled. The gallery is below after the break.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

AFA 2014 Singapore:The Report

AFA Singapore 2014
AFA Singapore 2014 happened over the weekend at Suntec Convention Center.
This year which is the 7th installation of the much anticipiated even was the largest ever. Spanning the entrie Level 4 of the Suntec Exibition Center, that is a whopping 12,000 sqm of exibition space. As well as having 3 Full days of Exibition rather than only having I love Anisong on the first day (05/12/2014, Friday). In fact the Day stage activities started on Thursday itself with the screening of The Assorted Horizons:Theatrical Edition by Revo. There were many other milestones that the event made this year.

1st ever Nico Nico KUNIKAIGI festival outside of Japan. Nico Nico Douga held is first ever Nico Nico Kunikaigi festival outside of japan at AFA Singapore 2014. From Stage Activities to friendly matches of the game  Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, from Karaoke Singing to Nico Nico Dance, from experiencing the trills of Sword Art Online through Oculus Rift to experiencing the adrenaline rush of manuvering on the Attack on Titan (SnK) 3D Gear through a reverse bungge system, its a festival within a festvial. Oh did i mention that its being live streamed on NND as the hive of activies where happening?      

Live Recordings(Stage)

Live Recordings(Solo Karaoke Room)


Akiba Town
If you have been following my AFA2014:what to expect blog post you would have known the extensive merchandise available at Akiba Town, Many of the exclusive mechandise was sold out within hours of the opening of the festival. There were also Several official booth that feature guest/artistes apperances where fans get a upclose encounter with thier favourite guest/artistes.
Creators Hub.
"For Fans. By Fans.". Creators hub is where the doujins (fanarts) booths are. From Touhou to Pokemon. From Love Live to Anohana. Fans are sure to find thier own fandom here. (PS: I personally spend around $100 here this year, IMO each year the quality and Variety of the good on sales are improving.) 

May'N Special apperance at AFA Future Entertianment Stage.
Over at AFA Future Entertianment stage guest apperances by Horipro artistes & guest Cosplayers were aplenty. Fans not only get a chance to meet them upclose, they also have thier merchandise signed by the artistes and have thier photos taken with the guest cosplayers. Other activites include Piano Minon performance and Photography talks.

ARCC 2014 Regional Cosplay Championship
ARCC 2014 saw the battle between Team kera tampan of Indonesia,Team Manboobs of Malaysia,Team SM of Myanmar, Team Underkitties of Singapore, Team Northen Rose of Thailand and Team Kanor Cubes of the Phillppines. With Team kera tampan of Indonesia impressing the Judges and the Crowd with thier Dragon ball GT performance walking away as Champions of this year. 1st runner up was Team Kanor Cubes of the Phillppines. While our very own Team Underkitties was the 2nd runner up.

Evelia cosplaying as Jilbril from NGNL for the ARCC Cosplay Singles.

The Cosplay Singles of the ARCC championship happened on Sunday at the Future Entertianment Stage saw Evelia who cosplay as Jilbril from the anime No Game No Life Winning the competition after the audience and judges votes.

Official Media Statement:

" Singapore, 12 December 2014 – Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2014, South-east Asia’s most established experiential festival for Japanese Popular Culture, drew to a close with resounding success. Over 90,000 local and overseas visitors, up from around 85,000 in 2013, thronged the 12,000 square metre festival grounds at Suntec City Convention Centre, the largest since the festival started in 2008.
Featuring 140 exhibitors from 10 countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan and USA, AFA 2014 showcased the latest content, culture, music and key industry personalities through a myriad of engaging activities. From sold-out anisong concerts to hotly-contested championships, visitors were treated to the best of Japanese Popular Culture and Anime-related talks, merchandise, activities and exclusive showcases.

Something for Everyone – 3 days of adrenalin-pumping non-stop content 
With 6 halls consisting of exhibition booths, stage activities and concerts, fans were spoilt for choice over the three days. Anchor events included the I Love Anisong Mega Anime Festival, with tickets sold out for Saturday and Sunday’s concerts and almost sold out for Friday’s concert, as 13 anisong artiste and artiste groups performed to 7,800 music and anime enthusiasts. The AFA Regional Cosplay Championships saw Indonesia’s Mohamad Yusuf Kurnlawan (27 years old), and Ingga Puji Salria (30 years old) beat contestants from Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines.
New festival highlights included the inaugural niconico KUNIKAGI (Japanese Internet Culture Festival) held outside Japan. Auditions and results of the first Asia Anisong-singer Audition were announced, with “Usagi”, 18 from Singapore and “RINRIN”, 19 from China emerging victorious among 202 contestants to secure a contract as an anisong artiste with a major Japanese record label.

 Industry Players Confident in the Market Potential of Japanese Popular Culture in South-east Asia
A B2B networking session was held on 4th December, as part of AFA 2014, where 6 industry stakeholders, including JETRO Singapore, Sozo, Japan Content Expansion Department, Aniplex, GAINAX and Bushiroad shared trade insights. Key exhibitors at AFA 2014 included major record labels, talent management companies, anime content owners and more.  
“We are delighted by the growing support from our customers every year. The bumper crop of content this year is a reflection of the increasingly sophisticated preferences among fans here, as well as the confidence industry partners have for the region. We will continue to work closely with key market players to push the J-Wave to new heights and help promote top quality Japanese content across South-east Asia,” said Anime Festival Asia’s Executive Festival Director and SOZO’s Founder and Managing Director Shawn Chin.
Anime Festival Asia will hold a satellite event in Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) from 31st April to 3rd May 2015, in collaboration with BEC-Tero TrueVision (BTTV). Details of its 2015 line-up of overseas satellite events, as well as dates for its annual flagship event in Singapore will be announced closer to date."


With that I shall leave you with the Pictures gallery,I would recommand you to Full screen it:

As for I love anisong and Day stage coverage i would reccomend you to check out http://www.afachan.asia/ and  AFA Channel Youtube  Meanwhile i would share the highlight videos made by them below:

  Updates 12/12/2014 2320 hours- Added in official media statement


Friday, December 05, 2014

AFA 2014 Press conference:The report

Reiko The ever familar face at AFA was the MC for the press-con

Organisers of Anime Festival Asia (AFA), the region’s most established experiential festival for Japanese Popular Culture, announced partnership plans for Thailand and Indonesia in 2015. As part of its regional expansion plans, AFA will partner BEC-Tero True Visions (BTTV), a joint venture company formed by Thailand's largest pay TV operator True Visions and the country's largest concert and live events promoter BEC-Tero - the organiser of Bangkok Comic Con, to jointly develop popular culture events in Thailand and the region starting 2015.

AFA: Partnership with BEC-Tero True Visions (BTTV) to grow the popular culture markets in Thailand and Indonesia. 

The partnership will see local events management company SOZO, one of the organisers for AFA, bring its expertise in J-pop content together with BEC-Tero True Visions (BTTV)’s expertise in Hollywood, Western, and Asian entertainment content, to present a festival showcasing the best of Eastern and Western popular culture. AFA Thailand 2015 X Bangkok Comic Con 2015 will take place at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) from 30th April to 3rd May 2015.

Anime Japan 2015 will feature a new area to target trade visitors keen to discuss business collaborations and programmes.

Anime Japan: Anime Japan 2015, to be held on 21st and 22nd March 2015, will work together with AFA to cross-promote and introduce AFA to visitors during the event.

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) Singapore Branch: PlayStation is celebrating its 20th Anniversary and has unveiled the limited edition PlayStation®4 20th Anniversary Edition at the Press Conference. 

SCEH has also announced “PlayStation® 20th Anniversary Online Contest” whereby fans have to use their creativity to win a purchase pass to purchase the limited edition PlayStation®4 20th Anniversary Edition.

AFA 2014 Kicks off with its Largest Edition – 3 Days of Non-Stop Activities at Exhibition, Stage and Concert Grounds

Starting from 5 to 7 December 2014, AFA 2014 will span over 12,000 square metres, the largest in its seven-year history, spreading the festival activities throughout all 6 halls of Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre’s Level 4.

May'N one of the I Love Anisong Mega Anime Music Concerts Artist making a special appearance. 

With few tickets remaining for the I Love Anisong Mega Anime Music Festival, one of the key highlights for the festival, music lovers are set for 3 evenings of anime music fever with 13 veteran and up-and-coming anisong artistes and artiste groups returning to AFA’s stage, or making their overseas debuts.
The full artiste line-up for the AFA 2014 I Love Anisong Mega Anime Music Festival is:
5th December: angela, Eri Kitamura, DJ Kazu, Yui Horie
6th December: fripSide, The IDOLM@STER, LiSA, yanaginagi
7th December: Eir Aoi, FLOW, GARNiDELiA, May’n, ROOT FIVE

Day Stage Activities
The Day Stage opens on 4th December’s evening with a special Theatrical Screening of the Assorted Horizons, with a talk by acclaimed songwriter, composer and arranger, Revo. Visitors can look forward to special screenings of popular anime titles, and appearances by behind-the-scenes experts including directors and voice actresses.

On 6 December, cosplay fans can witness history at the prestigious AFA Regional Cosplay Championship Finals, while on 7 December, the finals for the AFA 2014 Asia Anisong-singer Audition will be held.

Exhibition and more
An area of the festival grounds is dedicated to Niconico’s off-line event, niconico KUNIKAIGI (Japan Internet Culture Festival), as part of a collaboration between Anime Festival Asia and Niconico. Held outside Japan for the first time, visitors will be able to experience iconic scenes from top anime titles, including Attack on Titan Hands-on Trainee Soldier Try-outs, and Sword Art Online Nerve Gear Try-ons. Vocaloids will be projected on the dome screen on a planetarium, and 15 artiste and artiste groups well known in niconico will make an appearance on stage.

Shutterbugs and selfie lovers can look forward to a wide range of photo and video opportunities throughout the exhibition grounds. From activities on the mini stage to special sets, including life-size statues of top anime PSYCHO-PASS, will be available for photo-taking.

Shoppers can look forward to exclusive merchandise from Akiba Town, as well as the Creators’ Hub, which features over 80 booths (up from 60 in 2013) and includes original work from budding artists in the region.

Experience the fun and Excitement of J-Wave Power, this Weekend
Anime Festival Asia 2014 in Singapore is jointly organised by Japanese partners Dentsu Inc & Zepp Live Inc, and Singapore-based organiser SOZO. The festival also lends support from partner company Crooner.  The festival saw close to 85,000 local and overseas visitors with over 150 exhibitors in 2013.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Anime Festival Asia 2014 Press Briefing-Live Blogging

* Live Blogging to Start at 1400 hours(Singapore Time, GMT+8)  04 Dec 2014. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

AFA Singapore 2014 What to expect,The round up! Mechandise updates!

We are less than a month away from Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014. Alot of annocement have been made since then, Here is a compilation of what you can expect from the event so you could stay ahead of the game and plan your attack plan wisely! Do note that this is a Developing article so do come check back for updates! [Quick Tip: Try Ctrl+F= to find the things you looking for quickly especially for the booth merchandise, Refer to the floorplan for the booth no and search by that! I will try to update as much information i know.... but it won't be exhaustive(meaning its not everything) that is on sale ]

1-AFA Featured Cosplayers: 
A Total of 18 International cosplayers featured on the list:




                                  Picture Credit: Kazumi Noomi's Facebook page

                           Judy(Taiwanese)-Presented by ANIPLUS HD 

2-I  Love Anisong Concert: 
As of always, I love Anisong Concert is one of the main attraction of AFA. This year, its has gotten even Bigger! Check out the list:
[Disclaimer: Artistes pictures are provided by Sozo, I love anisong pictures are from AFA Facebook page, ,PV/MV are sourced from Youtube. All Rights belongs to thier respective owners. Speedknight.com does not own or hold any rights in the contents below]   

Eir Aoi


DJ Kazu



Yui Horie

Root Five

The Idolm@ster(Selected members)

Eri Kitamura


I Love anisiong-Artist Schedule

3-Stage Events:
This Year there are many featured anime, a whole lot Special guest appearances & endless stage events, check out what is installed for us:
[Disclaimer: Pictures of anime and Artistes are sourced from AFA website ,PV/Trailers are sourced from Youtube. All Rights belongs to thier respective owners. Speedknight.com does not own or hold any rights in the contents below]   

3.1-Featured Animes



Knights of Sidonia

Missing Kings


                                                    Psycho Pass 2




Fate Stay Night:Unlimited Blade Worksfsn

No Game No Life

Fafner Exodus

3.2 Special Guest Appearances/Guest Host & Moderator

Ayaka ohashi

Asami Imai

3.3-Special Stage Events:Screenings/Features/Showcases/Announcements

                  Lantis Festival Singapore 2015 Special Announcment 
                                          & Secret Guest Appearance 

4-Nico Nico Douga x AFA- 
1st ever KUNIKAIGI festival outside of Japan:

This Year, there is something here for the first time, its also the 1st ever Kunikaigi event outside of Japan: 

Event Highlights
  • Song: Karaoke to anime songs!
  • Dance: Let’s dance to anime songs together! Let’s do ‘otagei’!
  • Anime: Experience a scene from famous anime?!
  • DJ: Enjoy anisong and VOCALOID mixes by the DJ!
  • Cosplay: Show your cosplay on stage!
  • Games: Face off with Japan’s Niconico users!

Appearances by:

  • ROOT FIVE- Comprising 5 members who rank among some of the top content makers in Niconico’s “Me Singing” category, ROOT FIVE is a group that has bridged the divide between the virtual and real worlds. The group has managed to break the top 10 Oricon Weekly rankings, and will sing anime FAIRY TAIL’s ending theme song, their second after the theme song for Saint Seiya Omega.

  • DJ CAESAR from TOKYO AKIHABARA- A DJ who cosplays while performing, DJ CAESAR is known for his fresh innovative mixes which incorporate anisong and vocaloid tracks. Popular with his youthful audience, DJ CAESAR also performed at the Japan Expo in France, which gathered over 260 thousand attendees. Being the only anisong DJ to break the 13 thousand mark for twitter followers, DJ CAESAR is an influencer whose name is known throughout the fandom.

  • Yuyoyuppe a.k.a. DJTEKINA//SOMETHING- Yuyoyuppe made his major debut with YAMAHA MUSIC COMMUNICATIONS. Currently the only overall sound producer for break-out idol group BABYMETAL, he has dabbled in many different fields, including being a DJ, collaborations with voice actor, being a vocalist in a hardcore emo band and making songs for idol groups, garnering him respect from all levels in the industry. 

  • ARSMAGNA-As part of cosplay group Chronos Senior High School, ARSMAGNA is a 2.5D cosplay dance group. Made up of first to third year students from Chronos Senior High Schooland a plushie, the group is known as “5 guys and a plushie”.

  • .PCF-Having played on the biggest stage meant for 14,000 in France’s Japan Expo, .PCF is a party rock group that has propelled themselves to world stardom through their uploads on the Internet. With a myriad of talents in the group, .PCF has managed to showcase many different genres of entertainment, including dancing and DJing. The group has ventured overseas, including countries such as France and Taiwan.

5-Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) Finals

 The Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) Committee will
conduct auditions at South East Asia’s largest Japanese popular culture event,Anime Festival Asia2014 (AFA2014), to discover the next breakout Anisong-singer.

The Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) will conduct a preliminary round of screening, following which two rounds of auditions will be held in Singapore. The grand prize winner will be decided through the final audition at AFA2014’s main stage on 7th December 2014.

The winner will secure a performing contract with a Japanese record label as one of their anisong-singers, and will perform globally, while primarily being based in Japan and Singapore.

6-Expreience Zones(Akiba Town & Creators Hub)

6.1 Akiba Town Exhibitors,Sponsors:Merchandise & Exclusive

A69 AFA Shop(Official Event Goods and Merchandise)

A56 Culture Japan(Danny Choo)

A18 Idolm@ster

A90 Volks
A24 Aniplex Booth

A21 Bushiroad

A28 Good Smile Company

A36 Starchild

A102 Lantis

A52 Brother

A74 Banpresto

A95 TT Wixoss

A168 Odex

A132 Muse

A12 Cherry Credits

A118 CDS

A183 Cotton Candy

A83 Toy coin

A35 Kurocha

A158 La Tendo
[Developing. Check back for Merchandise updates!]
A110 Otakutachi
[Developing. Check back for Merchandise updates!]

A34 Exit tunes
[Developing. Check back for Merchandise updates!]

6.2 Creators Hub Exhibitors:Merchandise,Exclusive & Doujin Goods


C07 Ice*Berry

C08 Castanet Doujin

C29 Red Ribbon Revenger

C10 Wolf Den Doujin Circle

[Developing. Check back for Merchandise updates!]

7-Ticketing, Event Schedule & Floor Plan

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