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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Doujin Market - Doujima 2015 What to expect

Next weekend on the 25-26 of April, Doujinma will be happening over at *Scape treetop. Doujinma which is produced by Neo tokyo project, in collab with C.D.S and Daiyaku offers a platform for local Doujins artist to reach out to thier target audience.

  • Floor plan:

  • Doujin goods on sale:


Arupii-kun is coming to Doujin Market - Doujima~!
We will be selling these cushions at our booth at $60/pc!

So what are you waiting for?
Get yours and charge toll from friends and family like the very gantries they are!


FantaisieNocturne Productions 

Preorders for our Touken Ranbu artbook, Touken Collection, are now open! Access the following link to go to our preorder form:

Each book costs $25, and will come with a special preorder gift that only comes if you order the book before the event! In addition, there will be a lucky draw held for those who preorder by next Tuesday, the 21st of April! Stand a chance to win a hand-drawn shikishi from one of a select number of our artists!

Citru5(Booth 1)

Alchemaniac(Booth 2)

Alchemic Alice&Autmnal Waterfall (Booth 3)

TOHO Hijack & 2/5(Booth4)

ShiroNiJi (Booth5)

Karakuri Ink(Booth 6)

Chocoronet(Booth 7)

Rolling Bunnies(Booth 8)

Band of Busy people(Booth 9)

◁To Be Continued(Booth 10)

Doodl3Werks(Booth 11)

TwinRabbits(Booth 12)

KotatsuCars(Booth 13)

Boocurry Art Mage Muusha(Booth 14)

Ice*Berry(Booth 15)

Spring Archive vol.1 (Comiket SP6 release) will be available at booth 15 during Doujin Market - Doujima, along with a few other new items.
Note: i bought this when i was over a comiket SP6, its highly recommend if you are a touhou fan like myself! Support the local touhou circles! 

W.C?(Booth 16)

AerlimxChunniyxSizelle(Booth 17) 

Have some Kaori and Kousei from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso! 
Lim Sera (Booth 24)

FPS X Squash(Booth 25)

CGlas Artworks(Booth 26)

Salty Tiramisu(Booth 27)

Cirque de blanc(Booth 28)

Have you ever dreamed of writing your own fantasy manga? Do you have an awesome sword & sorcery setting you want to flesh out? If you do, then be sure to join us at our FREE creative writing clinic!

Learn what constitutes the building blocks of a living, breathing fantasy world, and use trusted writing techniques to bring your setting to life!

Register for this Workshop at http://j.mp/doujimaworkshops now.

Acrylic Charms Workshop

If you love doujin accessories, then you'd be sure to love Daiyaku's acrylic charms workshop at Doujin Market!

Discover how to create your very own anime inspired trinkets using shrink film, some stationery and a bit of innovation!

Register for this workshop at http://j.mp/doujimaworkshops now.

The Sticky Formula

Ever wondered how you could broaden your social media reach and generate fresh content for your fans on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more?

Join Komicer of Collateral Damage Studios in this session about digital marketing and sticky content creation that will level up your online presence!

Register for this workshop at http://j.mp/doujimaworkshops now.

DESIGN 101 for doujin artist

Do you know the difference between serif and san-serif fonts? How familiar are you with bleed or margins? 

Doujin is more than just pretty illustrations and understanding design will greatly enhance what you have to offer. Join Space Penguin as she walks you through techniques that will make your doujin product stand out from the competition. 

Register for this workshop at http://j.mp/doujimaworkshops now.

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