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Saturday, December 31, 2016

EOY 2016: The captured moments.[More official videos to come!]

Early turnout for visitors  wanting to get their hands on the Various Merchandises selling at the booths at EOY 2016.
With 2016 coming to a close, EOY 2016 returns to Marina Barrage 3 weeks ago on the 10th to 11th of December. It's was last event to be held in Singapore for the year 2016. Let's take a journey back with the captured memories at the event.

Doki Doki Hearts Cafe
EOY16 Day 1 Batch 1_0030
The Cake and Drinks set meals
EOY16 Day 1 Batch 1_0038
Cheki Photo 
EOY16 Day 1 Batch 1_0034

The Theme cafe Doki Doki hearts this year offers Cake + Potion set meals.  Red Velvet cake,Royal Chocolate,Oreo Cheesecake were paired with Health Potion(bubblegum+Lemon syrup+Sprite),Mana Potion (Bubblegum+Blueberry syrup+Sprite) Rejuvenation Potion(Blueberry+Raspberry+Lemon Sprite).
All set meals comes with services such as Feeding,Massage or Games like Bad Dog,Battle Game(as seen above),Crocodile, Donut Game & Whale Game. Cheki photo are also included.

Overseas Guest: Miko
EOY16 Day 1 Batch 3_0007
Miko during her performance on  Day 1
EOY16 Day 1 Batch 4_0012
Miko and her fans

EOY have always features Nico Nico  Odorites and this year is no exception, this time they invited Miko. Dancing to Popular Nico Nico Dance hits such as 夏恋花火, プラチナ-shin'in future Mix, 未来景イノセンス with the enthusiastic fans cheering her on both days of EOY 2016.

Overseas Guest: That
EOY16 Day 1 Batch 2_0009
That Holding his merchandise 
Another Overseas guest that EOY 2016 brought in this year is That known for his covers of anisongs you may find his Youtube channel here. During the 2 days of EOY 2016 he sang several ansiong covers including songs from 君の名は a recent theatrical anime hit.

Local Guests: A-Live,Natsurio Party, Lunaria Usagi 

EOY16 Day 2 Batch 4_0015
A-live in collaboration with Tokimeki JUMP

EOY16 Day 1 Batch 2_0050
Natsurio Party

EOY16 Day 2 Batch 3_0003
EOY16 Day 1 Batch 2_0060
Usagi & her fellow CTRL.T

If you have been to Local Events these names: A-Live,Natsurio Party,Lunaria,Usagi should be familiar. Love Live Dance performance,Nico Nico Dance performance,Song and dance Cover of idols and idol groups as well as Anisong covers were showcase by these Singapore very own talents. 

Some of the Other Performers/Performances

EOY16 Day 1 Batch 2_0021
EOY16 Day 1 Batch 4_0016
Deck 4B
EOY16 Day 1 Batch 1_0043
Tokimeki JUMP

EOY16 Day 1 Batch 1_0055

EOY16 Day 2 Batch 3_0006
DJ Rainyrhy x Keirave

Many more Performances were on going on stage  throughout the 2 days of EOY 2016, ranging from Dance Performances to Anisong DJ. Love Live Dance groups were aplenty and the most popular Nico Nico Dance cover this year is defiantly 極楽浄土.


EOY16 Day 1 Batch 1_0028
Booth owner cosplaying as Emilia from Re-zero 

EOY16 Day 1 Batch 1_0025
Ice Berry's Booth

EOY16 Day 1 Batch 1_0006
Rachta Lin

EOY16 Day 1 Batch 1_0008
Otaku Tachi

EOY16 Day 1 Batch 1_0011
Ice cream UFO catcher at Happy Ice's booth
Doujin booths catering various Fandom and Commercial Booths Scattered the event ground. There were also food and beverage stalls to cater to the hunger and thirst of the event attendees. Early in the morning of Saturday people already turn out in numbers to buy their targeted merchandise. Luminos was also there with a popup studio.
Pokemon Video Game Singapore Open & Premier Challenge #4

EOY16 Day 2 Batch 2_0010 
For the 1st time, The VGC Special Event Tournament was being held at EOY. Another first for the tournament is that it's the first major event in Asia to featured Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon which was just launch on the 18 of November 2014. Trainers battle it out to earn up to 130 Championships Points and other attractive prizes. 

Cosplayers on the ground 

EOY16 Day 2 Batch 2_0030
Ruby from Love Live Sunshine!
EOY16 Day 2 Batch 2_0003
Team Skull from Pokemon Sun & Moon
EOY16 Day 2 Batch 3_0013
Aqours from Love Live Sunshine 
EOY16 Day 1 Batch 3_0023
Mitsuha from Kimi no Na Wa
EOY16 Day 2 Batch 2_0031
Marisa from Touhou Project

EOY16 Day 2 Batch 2_0009
Female Trainer from Pokemon Sun & Moon

Of Course no ACG Event would be completed without the cosplayers. For more of the captured memories please proceed to the gallery below. Official Event Videos will be updated at a later date.

Official Videos 
By project.zenith

[More videos will be updated into the playlist]

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Friday, December 09, 2016

EOY 2016: What to expect

As 2016 is coming to a close, EOY 2016 will be happening at Marina Barrage over the weekend.
This yearly event which is traditionally held in December,the event was brought forward to be held in August for the past 2 years as works are being done at Marina Barrage, with the works now completed,  EOY 2016 will be once again being held in December. With the current organizer, EOY dates back to 2009, prior to that EOY was being organized by another party. Here is what is to be expected over the weekend.

Doki Doki Hearts

  • Red Velvet cake:A super moist and delicious red velvet cake topped with cream cheese icing.
  • Royal Chocolate:Made with the finest Belgian chocolate, this indulgent cake tastes just as royal as it sounds!
  • Oreo Cheesecake:A delicious American cheesecake base topped with Oreo crumbles and finished off with small bite sized Oreo!

  • Health Potion:Feeling low in HP? Heal up with our health potion! A soothing dose of bubblegum and lemon syrup with Sprite!
  • Mana Potion:Used too much Blizzaga? Fill up your MP points with our mana potion! A relieving dose of bubblegum and blueberry syrup with sprite!
  • Rejuvenation Potion:Just came back from a huge adventure in the dungeons? Get yourself back up to tip-top condition with our rejuvenation potion! A rejuvenating mix of blueberry and raspberry syrup with a tinge of lemon in sprite

  • Guest Artistes



Natsuiro Party(Singapore)



  • Other Performance and Performance Schedule:




  • Pokemon Video Game Singapore Open & Premier Challenge #4

  • Artist Alley

  • Commercial,Sponsor,Guest Artistes Merchandises and Happenings

  • Floor Plan

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

AFASG 2016:The captured memories

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016, One of the most anticipated Japanese pop culture event in Singapore finally returned to its home ground after touring Thailand and Malaysia earlier this year.
With Over 130 Exhibitors with 200 booths of exclusive merchandise, content, showcases and Star studded appearances, its no wonder that the turnout was the most I have ever seen at AFA.

  • I love Anisong

“It's our 9th year in Singapore with the latest instalment of Anime Festival Asia in Singapore.  We look forward to seeing familiar faces and Japanese Pop Culture fans come together in one of the largest Japanese Pop Culture festival in the region.  With the strongest showing ever of content partners, Japan and Singapore governments, sponsors and exhibitors this year, we hope that we can continue to satisfy our customers with the best of breed content, guests and experiences to ever grace Singapore and the region.  With all the strong support of our partners and customers, we look forward to anchor AFA Singapore as a key part of the events and festival landscape in Singapore”, said Shawn Chin, Anime Festival Asia’s Executive Festival Director and SOZO’s Founder and Managing Director. 

 A total of 12 I love Anisong artistes and artiste groups performed over the 3 Days of the event . Much to the delight of  Anisong 6 returning favourites:  T.M.Revolution, JAM Project, HoneyWorks / CHiCO with HoneyWorks, Aimer, KOTOKO, and May’n were join by 6 new artistes : HOME MADE KAZOKU, Minori Chihara, Ami Wajima, Alisa Takigawa, Konomi Suzuki and Wake Up, Girls!
  • Guest Cosplayers
AFASG Day 1_0022

AFASG Day 2 Batch 1_0025

AFASG Day 3 Batch 1_0039

AFASG Day 3 Batch 1_0040

AFASG Day 1_0002

AFASG Day 2 Batch 1_0027

 Baozi and Hana

AFASG Day 2 Batch 1_0044

Ying Tze (Credits: Chiisu Studio)

This year's lineup of  Guest Cosplayers were strong as well besides returning favourites like Reika,Kaname,Ying Tze,Angie, Mon,Baozi and Hana. Stayxxxx and Enako were here for their 1st time as well.  With Akiba Stage Appearances as well as Meet and greet sessions, fans get up close and interact with the guest Cosplayers. 
  • Artistes and Guest Appearances at Akiba Stage 
AFASG Day 3 Batch 1_0009
Natsuiro Party

AFASG Day 3 Batch 3_0012
Tokimeki JUMP

AFASG Day 1_0057

AFASG Day 3 Batch 1_0044

AFASG Day 1_0059
Piano Minion

AFASG Day 2 Batch 1_0042
Iketeru Hearts

AFASG Day 2 Batch 3_0014

Real Akiba Boyz

AFASG Day 3 Batch 1_0023
Sebastian Masuda

AFASG Day 1_0007
Yuzu Fujisaki

AFASG Day 1_0013

AFASG Day 3 Batch 3_0017

Besides International Guest Artistes/Guest appearances like Nijicon,Iketeru Hearts, Real Akiba Boyz,Yuzu Fujisaki and Aki, local talents like Natsuiro Party,Tokimeki JUMP,Usagi,Rika and Piano Minion were showcase as well at the Akiba stage. While Sebastian Masuda talks about his project time after time capsule on stage. The closing performance was done by non other than Pikotaro.    

  • Anibeats After Party 

A video posted by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

A video posted by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

This year there was an official After Party at Altimate after the event, with 3 DJs  kz (livetune),DJ KAYA and DJ YURiA spinning popular anisong tracks till late.  

With that, View more captured moments in the gallery below(There is an option to view it in full screen):

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