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Thursday, August 14, 2014

More guest annouced for STGCC 2014- Aliga,Lenneth,Eva comics and more.

Another 8 guest has been added to the guest list (Photo from STGCC Email.)
If STGCC's Guest list wasn't awsome already, Today, they have just annouced another 8 guest to the guest list. Below are the details

Cosplay Guest

  • Aliga
Aliga as Kuroneko during one of our photoshoot session with her
Aliga should be no stranger to most. She has been invited to several conventions in asia as VIP guest and judge. Her kawaii-ness and moe-ness has won her many fans across Asia and beyond.
Do check out Cotton Candy Cosplay as well its a webstore where you can find cosplay related items.
  •   Lenneth XVII
Lenneth XVIII as Ragyo. (Photo by Muze's photography and cosplay source from Lenneth's FB page).  

Lenneth XVII is a local cosplayer whom coses a wide variety of characters base on the philosophy of not being picky about who she cosplay as but why she cosplay the character. Its great to see a local cosplayer being featured here.       


  • Evacomics 

If you have been active on Facebook, you should have seen her works on your newsfeed. 

Evacomics iconic comic comparing life in Japan and life in Singapore/US are a regular feature on facebook news feed. The comics are a fun way to compare the diffrent countries culture and traditions.
  • AngryWoebots
Panda King 2 "UNCRWND" Original Colorway (Picture from Artist's FB page)

"Everyone uses the panda of an icon of something cute and harmless, but I love painting them disgruntled and angry; it takes people by surprise.” -Aaron Martin, AngryWoebots.

  • Phillip Tan
Some of Philip's works (Picture from STGCC website)

"Philip started his career with Wildstorm's Taleweaver and Marvel's Uncanny Xmen. He went on to draw a wide variety of books across publishers. Among the few better known works are Todd McFarlane's Spawn and his DC projects like Green Lantern, Barman and Robin, and Savage Hawkman.
In recent times, Philip spends most of his days working on his creator owned book, while occasionally contributing to misc covers and stories for major publishers."

  • Aaron E. Kim Jacinto
    Some of Jacinto works (Picture from STGCC website)
Aaron E. Kim Jacinto was born in Aug 4, 1988 in San Juan City, Manila, he is a Filipino comic book artist and considered as one of the youngest artists at Marvel Comics. He was discovered by C. B. Cebulski. He was commisioned to do Wolverine Max (6). Jacinto continued to work on other Marvel titles such as Venom (37, 38, 39), Indestructible Hulk (13, 14, 15), Carnage (Annual Superior 1), Thunderbolts (23). Jacinto is currently working on some Marvel projects
  • Matt " Sekure D "Fabris
Some of Sekure D  Works (Picture from STGCC website) 

Born in Melbourne, Australia. Matt " Sekure D "Fabris lost himself in Sneakers and in the ultimate attempt to stand out begun to customize his own sneakers in order to have the most limited of limited releases, the 1 of a kind. Soon it evolved into a part time job painting shoes in his bedroom to the beginnings of a new full time career in design.

  • Scott Tolleson

                                          Some of Scotts Works (Picture from STGCC website) 

Scott has been interested in toys and art since he was a child growing up in Atlanta, GA. At 16, he moved to Southern California, where he eventually attended Cal State Fullerton and earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Illustration. Since 1998, Scott has worked for the Walt Disney Company in Entertainment Productions where he has designed pieces for various parades, venues and merchandise.Aaron E.Kim Jacinto

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Comifest 2014 (Day 1): The report

Crowd onlooking Thrones High Cafe Performance on Saturday

Over the National Day weekend Comifest 2014 was held at Suntec Convention Level 3 concourse. This was the event's 5th installation. Comifest is an event that focuses on local artistes and hopes to provide an interective platform for the public and the artist.   

      Comifest 2014_D1_00001
Comifest 2014_D1_00008
Daiyaku with the now iconic Aitori a.k.a Lan Jiao merchandise is co-sharing thier booth with sunny day concept.

The Event actually saw Daiyaku iconic Aitori Plush back in stock due to popular demand, also they debuted the Aitori keychains which saw a similar popularity which according to thier facebook post they were all sold out by end of the event on day 2! 

                           Comifest 2014_D1_00017
Fans were delighted when they see onnies whom is one of the two invited guest for the event appearing on stage as Popstar Ahri on saturday.

Despite the much apparent langauge barrier, Onnies had answered several question presented to her during the Q&A session. What she lacks in the ablilty to communicate due to the langauge barrier she has certianly made it up with her outgoing and friendly personality. 

Comifest 2014_D1_00007  Huion Tablets on sale.

The Official Distributor for Huion, One Thirty Five's booth have the tablet on sale at very attractive prices. They have also several artist showcase at thier booth to demostrate the many functions of thier tablets.

With that we share head over to the gallery below for more picture of the event

Due to work commitments I was only able to to attend Day 1 of the event but do check out Day 2 pictures and report from the sites/FB pages below =):

Friday, August 08, 2014

Comifest 2014:What to expect

Happening on the national day weekend is Comifest 2014! Held at Suntec City level 3 Concourse,  here is what you can expect from it.

Cosplay Guest:

Image source: Onnies's World cosplay account.

Clive Lee

Image source: Clive's World cosplay account.

Maid & Butler Cafe:

Thrones High Cafe

Artist/Doujin & Commercial Booths:

Cats Are Tiny Studios


Dream Walker

Jujo Craft

Mecha Boy


TCZ Studio

Performance & Movie screening:


Premiere Movie Screening/Movie screening  


For more info on the above Screening please click this link

See you at the event!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

EOY 2014: The Report

      Penta & Marisu during thier meet,greet & autograph session. 

Over the weekend, E.O.Y 2014 drew crowds to its event venue at Marina Barrage. For the 1st time the event was held for 2 days.The Event was also brought forward to August as Marina Barrage is closing for renovations soon.
(P.S: Its Events Of the Year instead of End Of the Year as many thought.) 

    Penta & Marisu On stage during one of thier nico nico dance performance

This year, there were not 1 but 2 Nico Nico Dancers were invited as guest, be sure to catch thier performences on the 1st day in the video below.

        Event goes flooding the many booths of EOY selling anime merchandise and Doujin.

As Usual the C.D.S Booth was being flooded with a steady stream of people.
Many familar names where present in the booths like C.D.S, Ice*Berry,Daiyaku...
 among others.  

 K-on Suzuki Hayabusa itachari

Fujiwarayukino BMW 320 itasha

EOY 2014 Honda Civic Type-R itasha 

Itasha and itachari galore..... check out several others in the gallery below. 

                                 Dollfies on a ferris wheel, Part of the dollfies showcase.
As of the past few years there is a dollfie showcase made possible by Fujiwarayukino and thier friends. This year the theme is based on the wonderland concept. 

  Doki Doki Hearts Cafe 2014

Returning of the 2nd year Doki Doki Hearts Cafe 2014 continue to delight Ojou-sama and Oji-Sama who visited thier cafe.

Team M-irai☆ 

Of course a Cosplay Festival wont be completed without Cosplay Check out Team M-irai performance in a video below as well as other cosplays in the gallery below.

This year i have also ask for the help from my friends at Tkte0408 Photography and Shutter Paradox for help in the coverage so do check out thier works below as well.

Video by Lemon of Shutter Paradox:

Photos by Tkte0408 Photography: