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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gamestart Asia 2014

Elicia Lee the orgainzer of Gamestart Asia 2014 speaking on stage.

Over the weekends at Suntec city the inaugural Gamestart Asia event was being held, bringing down selected titles from TGS and other internationally accliamed game-cons right to our own doorstep. This event its the first of its kind in Singapore.

Partnership renewal between Sony Computer Entertainment and Games Solution Centre under MDA and Nanyang Polytechnic. 
The event started early at 10am on saturday where the media were invited for the opening ceremony and closed door preview of the event ground. We also witness the Partnership renewal between Sony Computer Entertainment and Games Solution Centre under MDA and Nanyang Polytechnic.

One of the first few who got thier PS4 at the event  
Outside the door, the queue to enter the door was snaking around the fourth level of the convention center, the queues for the PS4 sales were said to started since Friday afternoon. The first three person who got thier hands on the PS4 was given a Free Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, with such a good deal its no wonder people started queuing that early.

Project cars hands on at the Bandai Namco booth

2K Games Evolve attracted many to try, the queue for it was as long as 90 mins,

Visitors get to have thier hands on  soon to be release games like Bloodborne, The Order 1886, Until Dawn and Guilty Gear Xrd for the consoles. Evolve for the PC and Project cars for multi-platform. I have personally tried both games and is looking forward to thier launch. I am very likely to buy Project Cars. Evolve gameplay was very intense.

Yosuke Futami(Producer of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment)

Fans also get to meet the game producers upclose,Masaaki Yamagiwa(Producer for Bloodborne), Junichi Yoshizawa(Producer of Freedom Wars) and Yosuke Futami(Producer of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment) were all present at the event.

Capcom Pro Tour Asia

Naruto beat the producer Challange
Several gaming Competion were also held at the event as well.  Most notably the Capcom Pro Tour Asia where top Asian Street Fighter players like RZR Xian and MCZ Daigo Umehara will competing for the championship and a chance to participate in the global Capcom Pro Tour Finals in the US.

As for the Public there were games like Drive Club time trial where the winners get to ride in a real supercar and Naruto beat the producer Challange where theypit thier gaming skills agianst the game producer himself. (PS:I think he is still swimming back to japan XD~ he joked that if he got beaten during the challange and he were Beaten not once not twice but four times! XD~!)   

Local indie game developer sharing thier insights of working in the local game industy.

Local indie Game developers also shared thier insights of join the local game industries from thier personal expriences during one of the panel session on stage.  They were encouraging people from all walks of life to join the local talent pool.  

    Several Retro console on sale at the Verse City booth
There were also many retro consoles setup for the vistors to enjoy.
Guess who is enjoying the Retro gaming experience as well?
Cosplay guest Yasemin Arslan trying out Puzzle fighter.

Old time gamers have a nostogical early gaming days expreince back at the Versus City - Singapore booth where many old times consoles like the NES were setup for people to play with them as well as old time aracade machine that feature games like the puzzle fighters and such. Several cosplayers were spotted enjoying themselves at the booth. Even Yasemin had her hands on puzzle fighter machine.

There were even brand new and pre-loved Retro consoles on sale as well as several preowned cartridges of rarity like for example the orginal Japanese pokemon cartridge!

Yuegene Fay trying out the 3D scanning and 3D model printing at the Cadaq booth

Cadaq booth showcasing the 3D scanning and 3D model printing technology. Cadaq, There were the sponsor for the Game On! GameStart Cosplay Competition prizes all winners of the Game On! get to expreince the 3D Scanning and Printing technology in person.

Cadaq is social enterprise that provides skill training to those with disabilities, and enable them to find employment, Cadaq works primarily with the Singapore Association for the Deaf and a portion of their proceeds go to the Association. A number of their staff are also deaf, and have excelled in roles as designers.

Judges inspecting Blitzcrank costume during the prejudge session.

Game on! Cosplay Competiton. 

Yasemin taking a Selfie with her fan during the meet and greet session.

Not forgetting the GameStart Game On! cosplay competiton where cosplayers pit thier skills from Craftmanship to Stage Performance. Judged by the panel of cosplay guest Yuegene Fay from Thailand Yasemin Arslan of Australia & Singapore's very own Tessie, The winners walk away with cash prize and several other goodies. Fans of Yuegene and Yasemin also get the meet them upclose at the Neo Tokyo Project booth.

Head on over to the Gallery Below for more pictures!
Also checkout the interview session here if you haven't

"Over 12,000 visitors from Singapore and
countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, America, Japan and Philippines entered the doors of Hall 403 on October 25 and 26."  
- Official Stats from the organizers  

Quotes from Exhibitors/Partners

"We are delighted to have been part of the inaugural GameStart conference. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are pleased to see the continuous support and enthusiasm from our PlayStation fans in Singapore. GameStart 2014 provided us with a good platform to showcase our latest game titles on the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita. We look forward to bringing an
innovative gaming experience to consumers in the region.”

-Hidetoshi Takigawa, Southeast Asia Region Head, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch

“GameStart was a great event for us and thanks to the GameStart team, it was the first time we had a gaming event of this scale. We hope for further collaborations in future to put out a bigger and better show for all our supporters.”
-Rainel Tan, General Manager, BANDAI NAMCO Games Asia

“We are pleased to have been part of the event and are looking forward to the next one!” 
-Alan Chou, Publishing Director, Blizzard Entertainment

“GameStart provided us a platform to bring EVOLVE into the hands of fans ahead of the EVOLVE Big
Alpha this weekend. We were delighted to see a great turnout, as well as an awesome reception from the gamers for EVOLVE at the show. The event was a huge success for us.” 

-Jason Wong, Senior Publishing Director, 2K

“Gaming and cosplay have always been intertwined, and bringing cosplay to GameStart was the natural thing to do. Cosplay brings the awesome characters we encounter in video games to life, and GameStart was a great place for cosplayers who game and gamers who love cosplay to meet and bond. We hope to continue contributing to GameStart, and to help the convention grow.”
-Jason Koh, Neo Tokyo Project

Gamestart Asia 2014 was certianly a good start. The response to the event was so good that they were a little overwhlemed by the crowd. Let look forward to a bigger and even better Gamestart next year!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gamestart Asia 2014 Interview sessions.

Cosplayers Guests, Game developer Guest at the media interview session.

When the daylight breaks the inangural Gamestart events will be held over at suntec convention center over the weekend. Yesterday the media was invited to a interview session of the giest before the actual event starts. A brief short presentations were also presented to the media. 

Junichi Yoshizawa-San producer of Freedom wars rallying the crowd after his highly enthusiastic presentation about the Game.
Yosuke Futami-San producer of SAO:Hollow Fragments presenting about its gameplay and game physics.

Local indie game One upon Light

Several Game producers made thier way down from Japan to meet thier fans upclose at the event. Local indie game like one upon the light, which is going to be the first Singaporean indie game on the playstation 4, get thier chance to showcase thier works as well. 

Neo Tokyo Project's Jason Koh about to bring out the Guest cosplayers for gamestart Asia 2014.
Yasemin Arslan cosplayer guest from Australia & Yuegene Fay cosplayer guest from Thailand gives a short introduction of themselves.

After the presentations the media were given a chance to interview the respective guest of thier choice. Scroll down for the interview videos of Yuegene Fay,Yasemin Arslan  & Yosuke Futami-San. There will be a Gallery with more photos as well. 

Catch Sharlene *LilJaguar* as Gamestart official mascot on the event days.

Gamestart Asia will be happening a Suntec Convention hall 403 on the 25th to 26th of october from . Tickets which are priced at $8.50 and $15 will be available for sale at the event itself. Click here for the detailed programme schudule


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Anisong-singer World Audition to be held at Anime Festival Asia 2014

Always Dreamed to be an Anisong Singer on the World Stage? Here is your chance!

Winner of Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) to debut as an Anisong-singer undera Japanese major record label

 The Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) Committee will

conduct auditions at South East Asia’s largest Japanese popular culture event,Anime Festival Asia2014 (AFA2014), to discover the next breakout Anisong-singer.

The Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) will conduct a preliminary round of screening, following which two rounds of auditions will be held in Singapore. The grand prize winner will be decided through the final audition at AFA2014’s main stage on 7th December 2014.

The winner will secure a performing contract with a Japanese record label as one of their anisong-singers, and will perform globally, while primarily being based in Japan and Singapore.

Aspiring talented singers who love Japan, anime and anisong, and wish to hone and showcase their talents on an international level can send their applications in from today till 14 November 2014(2359 hrs).

For more details or apply for AAA, members of the public can check out

Asia Anisong-Singer Audition (AAA) Committee Profiles:

About INCS toenter Co.,Ltd.

Established in June 2004, INCS toenter Co.,Ltd. is a Japanese music management company headquarted in Shibuya, Tokyo. Under their management includes artistes who are mainly active online, such as supercell,
livetune, Hachioji P, yanaginagi, and other artistes from various genres. It also owns the indie label TamStar Records.

About Gynoid Co., Ltd.
Established in August 2014, Gynoid Co., Ltd. is a 100% owned subsidiary of Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
headquartered in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is involved in the planning and production of internet music and Vocaloid library contents and businesses. With the female vocal library that specialises in rock "v flower", it is developing several business opportunities centred on the internet.

Audition Procedure

1. Registration
2. First round of screening
3. Second screening(Singing audition. Preliminaries will be held at a
special booth at AFA Singapore)
4. Final audition(Stage performance audition. Finals will be held at
AFA Singapore main stage)
5. Grand prize winner is decided

Registration Period: 15/10/2014 9:00 ~ 14/11/2014 23:59(Singapore time)

Application Criteria
• Lovers of Japanese anime and anisong, and must be able to sing in
• Able to participate in AFA 2014 on 7 December 2014 if successfully
shortlisted after first screening.
• No restrictions on age, nationality or gender.
• Audition music: Japanese song
• Application type: Solo / Group performance
• Not currently under any exclusive contract with record labels,
production company or music publisher.
• If selected as winner, he/she must be able to be based in Japan
and Singapore.
• If selected as winner, he/she must be able to be affiliated under the
designated production company by the organisers.
***Note: Minors under the age of 18 require parental/ guardian approval
before applying for this audition

Application Procedure
To apply, submit particulars on the embedded form found in the AFA 2014
website along with these materials:
1. Audition music video data (link)
Upload a video of yourself performing your chosen audition song to a video
site (E.g. YouTube) and provide the URL link in the application form. Video
length should be slightly more than one chorus of the song.
Recommended format: approximately 50MB, in h.264 .mp4 encoding

2. Photo (Profile and Full-length, total 2 photos)
If applying as a group, please submit a photo that shows all members.

3. Required fields in the application form
Artiste name / Real name / Age / Address / Telephone number / School
year or Occupation / Performance Schedule / Website / Email address /
Self-promotion / Others

4. Audition song information
Song title / Lyrics / Composer / Arrangement

• Incomplete submissions will result in the rejection of the application.
 Please check through before submitting.

• Parental/ Guardian consent is required for minors applying for the
audition. Details in the form should be filled in the presence of a
parent/ guardian indicating their approval. Applications from minors
without parental/ guardian approval will not be accepted.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Gamestart Asia 2014 Media Preview

The media preview was held at St. Game Cafe located at Bugis+  
On Thursday, was invited to a Media peview of Gamestart Asia 2014 which will be held at the Suntec Convention Center on the 25th and 26th of this month. Lets take a look at what to look forward to for this inaugural Event later this month.

“We’re pumped from our visit to the recent Tokyo Game Show, and thrilled to be bringing the buzz and some of the much-hyped content from the show to gamers in Singapore,” said Elicia Lee, Director at Eliphant. “We’re very pleased with the exhibitors and activities that will feature at GameStart – international big boys and home-grown indie developers, demos of the latest games, eSports tournaments and a really awesome retro gaming section that is guaranteed to bring back many fond memories. There’s going to be a range of great activities to keep people of all interests well entertained.”
The event, to be held on October 25 & 26 at Suntec City Convention Centre, is designed to appeal to everyone from core and casual gamers to cosplay enthusiasts. The first 300 visitors each day will receive a ‘Random Loot Bag’ which could contain anything from limited edition T-shirts to games, posters and other exclusive items. All ticket holders qualify for a daily lucky draw in which they could win prizes such as consoles, games and gaming accessories such as Razer and the Creative SB Inferno gaming headset by Creative Sound Blaster.
SingTel is the Official Fibre Broadband Partner and will power the connectivity for gaming and live streams of GameStart 2014 to Twitch. SingTel has also partnered with AFTERSHOCK PC to offer special deals to visitors.


Hidetoshi Takigawa-San, the Head of Sony Computer Entertianment Singapore Presenting about What to expect from the Main exhibitor 
Main exhibitor Sony Computer Entertainment HK (SCEHK) will occupy more than 250 square metres of space showcasing close to 30 exciting titles for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. 
Not to be missed are hands-on previews for 
  • Bloodborne
  • The Order 1886
  • Until Dawn 
  • Guilty Gear Xrd

and many others unreleased and recently-released titles.

SCEHK will also specially fly in Masaaki Yamagiwa, the Producer for Bloodborne, and Junichi Yoshizawa, Producer for Freedom Wars, to meet fans and speak about their games on stage at the event. 
Lovely Ladies at the media preview with the promotional item to be expected at the Event

Event attendees will enjoy exclusive deals at the SCEHK booth, and early birds will receive special items like:

  • Xperia Z3 (first three customers), 
  • special Toro PS4 HDD Covers (first 10 customers per day) 
  • PlayStation T-shirts (first 50 customers per day). 

Visitors can also look forward to big promotions on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita games, while those looking to upgrade their gaming systems can trade in old consoles for a sweet $100 discount off a new PlayStation 4.

2K Asia will be bringing a preview of their highly-anticipated 4v1 game Evolve, for visitors to play at GameStart 2014. Made by the creators of Left 4 Dead, Evolve is a cooperative/competitive shooter where four Hunters face off against a single, player-controlled Monster in adrenaline-pumping 4v1 matches.

Project cars competition winners will get a chance to be drive in a supercar.
Another Game feature will be Project Cars, i have persomally tried this game during the media preview, and i am looking forward to this game when its launched. During the event Visitors would be able to take part in a competition and the winner will have a chance to be driven in a Supercar by Dream Drive.

Organisers Namco Bandai Games will also be showcasing a range of their hottest games including Tales of Hearts R, God Eater 2 Rage Burst, Godzilla and Project CARS. Sword Art Online fans can expect an appearance by Yousuke Futami, one of the producers of the Sword Art Online game, who will be making an exciting announcement at the show regarding the franchise.

Blizzard Entertainment will showcase three games at GameStart – Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft™, Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™ – Ultimate Evil Edition™ and World of Warcraft®: Warlords of Draenor. Visitors to the show will receive beta keys for Warlords of Draenor and codes for Hearthstone card packs (while stocks last).
Ian Gregory gave an inspirational short speech about as company which is a local start up.
GameStart aims to provide a platform for the local community to promote its work, and will have a dedicated area called the GameStart Founders Base, featuring local game developers and artists. Exhibitors include Boomzap Entertainment and Witching Hour Studios who will be showcasing their games. Witching Hour is well-known for their Ravenmark series and their latest title, Romans in my Carpet – both of which have both received great reviews locally and overseas.

Inzen Studio and Liongeeks Studios will also be showcasing their work, as well as homegrown artists Kinetiquettes, who will showcase their crafted licensed Capcom figurines, and conduct a live sculpting demo at their booth over the two days.

Individuals considering a career in gaming should catch the ‘Joining the Games Industry in Singapore’ panel, which will be led by Ian Gregory, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Witching Hour Studios.

Media getting a chance to play with RZR Xian at the preview

Street Fighter fans will want to head to the Razer booth where the finals of the Capcom Pro Tour Asia will see top Asian Street Fighter players from the region competing for the championship and a chance to participate in the global Capcom Pro Tour Finals in the US.

Not to be missed are RZR Xian and MCZ Daigo Umehara, previous EVO Champions who will be displaying their skills; EVO being the #1 fighting video game tournament held in Las Vegas every year. Pro-gamer RZR Xian made history when he became Singapore’s first ever EVO winner in 2013, and MCZ Daigo is reputably one of the top players in the world. Other top players include AVM Gamerbee and Jonny “HumanBomb” Cheng.

The tournament finals for Naruto, Gundam Extreme VS FB, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Soul Calibur will be held at GameStart, with the qualifiers being held over the two weeks leading up to the event.

Prominent FIFA eSports personality Mohamed Phirkhan / Xtr3me3.NKSG will be conducting a FIFA Workshop and tournament on PS4 with the goal of encouraging more FIFA players to play competitively and grow the FIFA community in Singapore and SEA. Participation in the tournaments is specifically for new and upcoming FIFA players only, and other top players are welcome to spectate. Tournament winners will receive attractive prizes sponsored by SCEHK.

Media gets a free Gamestart Asia Tee of thier choice! Thanks for it!
Official apparel partner for GameStart 2014, Xmashed Gear which specialises in mash-up game T-Shirt designs, will be debuting new designs as well as the exclusive GameStart 2014 tees featuring official mascot Alyse.
Neo Tokyo Project Cosplayer Representive during the media preview cosplaying Lux from the  League Of Legend
In partnership with Neo Tokyo Project, Gamestart Asia will be bringing Game on! Cosplay Competition(Click for details) to the event. They have invited renowned international cosplayers Yuegene Fay (Thailand) and Yasemin Arslan (Australia) will be in Singapore to meet fans in a panel on stage and act as judges for the Game On! GameStart Cosplay Competition that will be held on Sunday 26 October.

Yuegene Fay is best known for her visual kei style of cosplay and ability to portray a diverse range of characters. Yasemin is well-known for her cosplay of Katarina from League of Legends (LOL), and characters from Borderlands and Bioshock Infinite. Yasemin will be cosplaying League Of Legend’s Riven at the event, specially crafted for the event. Winners of the competition will receive cash and prizes worth over $500 each.

Register Here for the Cosplay Competition (Closing date: 06102014)

Ticketing Details

Tickets are now on sale at $8.50 (1 day pass) and $15 (2 day pass) and available online at!tickets.html as well as a list of conveniently-located partner stores (please check website for details). All ticket holders will qualify for a daily lucky draw in which they could win consoles, games, gaming accessories and more. Limited edition GameStart tees are also available for sale online until 11 October 2014.

Updates on details and schedule of activities will be available on the GameStart website leading up to the event.

Friday, September 12, 2014

[Updated!] AFA Singapore 2014: Full listing & Schedule for I love Anisong,NND KUNIKAIGI festival & Ticketing Details.

Breaking News- The first wave of Full Listing of I love Anisong artistes for I love Ansiong 2014 for AFA SG have been unveil,
[Update 1]:
[Update 2] Schedule & 2nd Wave Artist Details added
[Update 3]: The first Ever Nico Nico KUNIKAIGI festival outside of Japan will be here at AFA SG!
1st Wave of I love ansiong Artistes:

The Phase 1 Annoucement Video if you miss it:

2nd Wave of I love ansiong Artistes:




  • Official website:
  • Official Twitter (atsuko):
  • Official Twitter (KATSU):
 I love Anisong Schedule :

  • 5th December: angela, Eri Kitamura, DJ Kazu, Yui Horie
  • 6th December: fripSide, The IDOLM@STER, LiSA, yanaginagi
  • 7th December: Eir Aoi, FLOW, GARNiDELiA, May’n, ROOT FIVE

-Artistes pictures are provided by Sozo, I love anisong pictures are from AFA Facebook pages, Annoucement Video is from AFAchannel on Youtube, Somgs MV are sourced from Youtube. All Rights belongs to thier respective owners. does not own or hold any rights in the contents above.    

Nico Nico Douga x AFA- 1st ever KUNIKAIGI festival outside of Japan:

Event Highlights

  1. Song: Karaoke to anime songs!
  2. Dance: Let’s dance to anime songs together! Let’s do ‘otagei’!
  3. Anime: Experience a scene from famous anime?!
  4. DJ: Enjoy anisong and VOCALOID mixes by the DJ!
  5. Cosplay: Show your cosplay on stage!
  6. Games: Face off with Japan’s Niconico users!

Appearances by:

  • ROOT FIVE- Comprising 5 members who rank among some of the top content makers in Niconico’s “Me Singing” category, ROOT FIVE is a group that has bridged the divide between the virtual and real worlds. The group has managed to break the top 10 Oricon Weekly rankings, and will sing anime FAIRY TAIL’s ending theme song, their second after the theme song for Saint Seiya Omega.

  • DJ CAESAR from TOKYO AKIHABARA- A DJ who cosplays while performing, DJ CAESAR is known for his fresh innovative mixes which incorporate anisong and vocaloid tracks. Popular with his youthful audience, DJ CAESAR also performed at the Japan Expo in France, which gathered over 260 thousand attendees. Being the only anisong DJ to break the 13 thousand mark for twitter followers, DJ CAESAR is an influencer whose name is known throughout the fandom.

  • Yuyoyuppe a.k.a. DJTEKINA//SOMETHING- Yuyoyuppe made his major debut with YAMAHA MUSIC COMMUNICATIONS. Currently the only overall sound producer for break-out idol group BABYMETAL, he has dabbled in many different fields, including being a DJ, collaborations with voice actor, being a vocalist in a hardcore emo band and making songs for idol groups, garnering him respect from all levels in the industry. 

  • ARSMAGNA-As part of cosplay group Chronos Senior High School, ARSMAGNA is a 2.5D cosplay dance group. Made up of first to third year students from Chronos Senior High Schooland a plushie, the group is known as “5 guys and a plushie”.

  • .PCF-Having played on the biggest stage meant for 14,000 in France’s Japan Expo, .PCF is a party rock group that has propelled themselves to world stardom through their uploads on the Internet. With a myriad of talents in the group, .PCF has managed to showcase many different genres of entertainment, including dancing and DJing. The group has ventured overseas, including countries such as France and Taiwan.

Ticketing Details:

  • Anisong concerts, early bird tickets for VIP 3-day packages, priced at S$398, are available from October 1, at 12pm, till October 11, 10am, online ticketing via a sub-site for the event,and at selected physical outlets

  • Sales of individual day VIP tickets, Standard and Basic ticket packages and single day tickets will begin on October 11 at 12pm, through the same channels

  • Prices for 3-day VIP package would revert to S$428 after the end of the Early Bird period. 

  • Ticket sales for Exhibition and Exhibition + Stage tickets will begin at a later date through various channels