Sunday, July 27, 2014

Detective Conan : Dimensional Sniper

Posted By: han siang "Speedknight" wong - Sunday, July 27, 2014

Detective Conan Fan Rejoice Cathay Cineplex will be screening the Detective Conan : Dimensional Sniper movie!

Detective Conan : Dimensional Sniper will be opening at Cathay Cineplexes starting 07 August 2014.


Please note that Advance booking sales has already begun:*Detective+Conan+Dimensional+Sniper

Shuichi Akai is targeted by a mysterious sniper and Masumi Sera is shot. Tokyo is in panic, citizens are taken in the shooting of a sniper. Nothing is known about him.
Why was Sera targeted? Will Akai survive from this?  Jodie Starling and Subaru Okiya are also in this one. Will Conan be able to find and apprehend the culprit?

Some screenshots from the movie:

Movie Premiums with tickets purchase:

Week 1: Detective Conan movie commemorative badge
(7 Aug - 13 Aug)

Week 2: Detective Conan movie fan
(14 Aug - 20 Aug)

Week 3: Detective Conan movie A2 sized poster.
(21 Aug - 27 Aug)

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